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#2847: You were saying? (FREE!! FREEEEEEE-FALLLLLL-IN'!!!)

Just yesterday we were told that everything was fine because the S&P 500 was up!

Today: 512-point drop in DJIA, the biggest dump the market's taken in three years. Since, coincidentally enough, the big dump it took in December of 2008. Yeah.

Michelle Malkin points out that the market is off 1,000 points for the week. Even better!, not better, actually, unless you are a TRUE BELIEVER in Obamanomics.

Doug Powers, writing over there mentions the largest-ever single-day bump in federal debt, which is probably what led to the market's precipitous plunge this morning.

Ace of Spades HQ:
I think the public has long known that Obama's recovery was not a recovery. It seems like Wall Street is finally realizing this.
Yeah, and that little tap-dance-and-pony-show last week over the debt ceiling didn't help matters one whit.

The usual Ace of Spades DOOM! post.

Market Ticker.

* * *

If you can bear children YOU ARE NOT A MAN.

I hate to break it to all these people. I don't care if SHE self-identifies as a man, and I don't care what HER driver's license says, and I don't care what operations were performed on HER to make HER look like a man. SHE has gestated and delivered three children; that makes HER a FEMALE.

Sex is not a social construct. It is a factual description of a biological function and it is neither a matter of opinion nor open to interpretation.

* * *

Nearly 70% of people are unconvinced that man-made global warming is a reality. That's pretty good to know, that so many people have not been completely fooled by bullshit, comic-book science.

* * *

Ann Coulter on how the mainstream media reports fake rape accusations.

* * *

At first, I thought the label "horror site" in this post on a fed bust of a kiddi3 pr0n0 site was hyperbolic; but it's not:
In addition, the most exclusive area of the site was reserved for members who could provide content that showed children suffering. "If the girl looks totall [sic] comfortable, she's not in distress, it does NOT belong I [sic] this section."
Good GOD.

I was originally going to post another "Ha ha, you cannot possibly be truly anonymous on the Internet" screed until I read that paragraph. Shit. Now I'm just horrified.

* * *

It's pleasant outside, but still on the warm side. After finishing up with therapy I came home and turned the AC on, at 78; it's not going to be on for more than a few hours, though, before I turn it back off, because it's going to be nice and cool again tonight.


I saw the ants get all over the baits I put out; that means that some of the stuff actually made it back to the colony. Hopefully this will continue, and the flow of ants across my desk will taper off.

I discovered, last night, that they were getting on my arms because they were harvesting crumbs from my keyboard. Ack. So I turned it over and rapped it on the desk a few times to de-crumb it, also dislodging an ant in the process. Hopefully that'll help, too.

I've never seen ant traps work as well as these liquid baits seem to.


I have to cut the grass, and I'm too tired to do anything. *sigh*

I have been trying to motivate myself to cut the damn grass for three days, and so far I haven't managed it.

Well, the grass looks to be about the same height as my neighbors' grass is, so it's not like it looks bad or anything. It's just that it needs doing, and it's not going to get done if I don't do it.

But the weather for tomorrow is supposed to be almost exactly like today's...and I really do feel like I've been hit by a truck.

* * *

You can bet that, somewhere in D.C., some Democrats are annoyed that the stock dump waited until today. If it had happened last week, they could have used it to pressure the GOP into giving in and bending over without the Democrats having to put on a condom and lube up with KY first.

Instead of, you know, what they got, which was pretty much the continuation of the big spending party. Because the GOP doesn't want to stop that any more than the Democrats do; it's just that the GOP--like a virginal girl who wants to be taken advantage of but doesn't want to be thought of as a slut or "easy"--has to be able to pretend that it wasn't what they wanted at all.

But there are plenty of us who aren't fooled by the act; and they're going to regret it come November 2012.

* * *

Other than that, I've got nothing at all. I'm too tired even to think coherently.

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