atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2849: New chair, more comfy!

I went to OfficeMax and bought the chair linked in the previous post. $120 with tax, and I'm sitting in it now after about 10 minutes' worth of assembly.

I'm sitting upright instead of semi-reclining, the padding is soft and cushy, and it's not leather. And it was cheaper than some other chairs which weren't as comfortable. Granted, it was on sale; normally it's a $160 chair before tax. So I got lucky.

The overall dimensions are the same as the chair it replaces, too; and in fact it turned out to be set at a height I find comfortable without me having to adjust it. Bonus!

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home for bread; I also bought potato salad and cole slaw, asI am intending to grill some brats tomorrow. Then I came home, got the stuff out of the truck and inside the house, then cut the grass.

I still need to trim with the pusher, but I can do that tomorrow; it was getting dark when I finished with the riding mower and at least the parts you can see from the street are presentable.

Not bad for a slugabed who didn't get up until after 4.

* * *

The RJ-45 crimper I ordered has shipped already. Whee!

* * *

I had a thought this evening about cellulite.

The thing is, at the store there was this girl working in the kitchen behind the deli counter, making a sub sandwich to order. She had on shorts and sandals, rather than more typical retail wear; and I was admiring her butt and the rest of the package.

Her thighs, though shapely, had cellulite. And this girl couldn't have been a day over 25; I would have found it surprising if she'd been as old as 30.

I'm a fatass dude in his mid-40s and I don't have cellulite. WTF.

...wouldn't have led me to refuse her if she were ever even remotely interested in me, as I'm more into "the whole package" than the appearance of the outer quarter-inch. Still, it makes me wonder.

(Yes, I know that "game" theory says that only beta herbs care more about a woman's personality than her outward appearance. I think there are some useful parts of "game" theory, but I don't buy into the whole package.)

* * *

Of course the instant the box was in the house, Luna claimed it. That's how cats are.

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