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#2850: The verdict is in.

This new chair is wonderful.

My back aches a little bit--a lot less than it did at this time yesterday after I'd been doing WoW for several hours. The chair comfortably supports me. The pads on the arms are even soft, so my elbows don't hurt either.

Drawback: the material it's upholstered with is a microfiber material. It's warm. (This will be a plus in about 3 or 4 months.)

Luna--who likes to lay on the top of the back of the chair when I'm at the computer--was a little suspicious of the new one at first, but now she quite likes it.

Why the hell did I wait so long to buy a new chair? Sitting in this thing makes me realize just how uncomfortable the old chair was. *sigh*

* * *

So S&P pulled the trigger: US debt now has an AA+ rating rather than AAA.

That is not good news.

...the jobs report isn't enough good news to counterbalance this bad news, particularly since the jobs report was not so much good news as "not-bad". So there's that to consider.

All told? Monday ought to be a pretty interesting day. If you're "in" the stock market, I hope you're in for the long term, because--short term--you're going to be gnawing your feet off with anguish. I fail to see how it can be otherwise.

Vox Day adds that S&P is warning us they'll drop that rating even further if--in the next two years--something doesn't start happening to the debt.

Alan Caruba:
When a nation’s debt equals its entire annual gross domestic product, it is bankrupt. It can still produce goods and services, but it will likely encounter fewer customers worldwide as they too are drawn deeper into their own debt crises.
There is simply no other way to say it: we are out of money. We cannot keep spending like this.

* * *

Saturday! to do a little shopping, mainly for things like ham and cheese and Pepsi. Since I bought cat food already this week I don't need that, though I need cat treats; and there seems to be precious little else I need.

Score one for me, buying food when it's cheap and freezing it.

Speaking of which, I've been contemplating buying a chest freezer--a little one--because I don't like cramming the fridge's freezer full of stuff. Something like this. It's not even $200 from Best Buy and it would fill the bill rather nicely.

No, I'm not going to go buy one today.

...but if I listen to Og and let him teach me A) how to hunt with a bow and B) how to hunt deer, I might end up taking a deer this year. Having it butchered shouldn't cost a lot, and I'd end up with plenty of good meat.

Unlike Og, I think I'd want the ribs, because ribs are yummy. This assumes that deer ribs can be prepared like pig ribs; I have no idea how much actual meat is on deer ribs but I doubt they're much like pigs in that respect. It might not be worth the effort. This is something I must learn.

But if I did get a deer, I'd need somewhere to store the meat, because there's no way in F-ing hell I could fit 60 lbs of meat in that tiny-ass freezer over the fridge.

If-if-if: too many conditionals, which is why I'm still thinking about buying a freezer the same way I was just thinking about it four months ago. know, me thinking about taking up deer hunting would probably make Dad proud. Even though I'm doing it for the cheap meat, not for fun, I bet he'd think that was just the cat's meow.

"Cheap" is relative. If you buy a shitton of equipment, naturally you're going to be spending $300+ per deer. I'm hoping I can do this on a shoestring; after all my ancestors didn't have scent-free clothing and they managed to live off the land without starving, and didn't have the recourse of modern supermarkets--so if they got nothing, they starved.

It's not the way to bet, of course. It's very easy for an experienced hunter to get skunked and come home with nothing but stubble and a few spent cartridges for his trouble. Dad went to Montana every year for I don't know how long trying to get an elk, and he never did; and Dad was a Marine sharpshooter. He was a hell of a shot.

Me? I'm talking about trying to bring down a wild animal with a pointed stick propelled by a string under tension. The fact that a bunch of people have done it doesn't mean I can. WTF.

*sigh* I'm still kind of up in the air about it. Since I worry about the economy going to total shit, I worry about being able to get food; and if I knew how to hunt, I would worry a lot less than I do. So learning to hunt would be a survival skill, the kind you never hope you actually need.

Besides, meat is tasty.

* * *

But that's neither here nor there. Og's still in the Canadian wilderness; and it's just possible that he might end up losing contact with the last vestiges of civilization. He'll run wild, living in the woods and wearing a loincloth made from whistlepig fur. Then we'll start seeing reports about new Bigfoot sightings! (Or "Bigsack" maybe?) (Eew.)

Hopefully the Ogwife will keep him civilized enough that he can remember how to run the Exploder and make it back safely.

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