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#2852: Yarg!

So I got the latest electric bill today. Balance due: $0


...I have no freakin' clue how in the everlovin' hell their billing system works.

Okay, when someone owes me money, I send them a bill saying how much they owe me. If they pay that amount, and they accrue further charges, I then send them a bill which tells them:
A) How much the previous balance was, and that it's been paid
B) How much the new charges are
What I do not do is wind all that BS up in a confusing mishmash of nonsense. The bill does not make sense.

However, the current charges for the month of July appear to be around $125. That's not unreasonable, considering how f-ing hot it was in the middle, especially when you're talking about cooling an entire house. For comparison, keeping my apartment in Cedar Rapids cooled to a reasonable temperature cost me around $70-$100 per month, but that was with an AC which was vintage 1977 rather than a modern one, and I don't think that place was insulated all that well, either.

So I might mail them a check for that amount, and I might not; I haven't decided.

* * *

Saturday evaporated in a fog of sleep. I did WoW until after sunup, then had a hard time getting to sleep; but once I did, I slept--and didn't get up until 8 PM.

As I'd intended, I grilled brats, and they came out perfect; I ate bratwurst and potato salad and cole slaw while sitting at the PC in my new chair.

I think the grill has developed a gas leak. I'm going to have to track it down and fix it, but it's somewhere south of the regulator, so it won't leak when the gas isn't turned on at the tank. I think it's one of the burner valves. I need to replace the spatter shield in that thing anyway, as the old one's rusted in two, so sometime soon I'll get after that.

I've got the sheetmetal; I just need to get around to tracing a pattern, cutting it out, and bending to fit. For a brake I'll just clamp a piece of angle iron to the workbench; that'll be fine.

..anyway, I went back to bed afterwards and slept for a couple more hours. I woke up around 1:30 thinking it was 4; after a snack and some desultory surfing I tried to go back to sleep but couldn't, so here I am.

I ran Bitsychan through a couple randoms and got 65th level; I did a little inventory housekeeping and logged off WoW.

* * *

Owing to the eminently reasonable electric bill I decided to keep the AC on rather than open the house up. It's cool outside, but it is just on the edge of being a reasonable temperature. It's one of those situations where it's too warm and sticky to be comfortable but just cool enough to make me think I ought to shut off the AC and deal with it.


Well, the electric bill wasn't pretendous, especially considering how f-ing hot it was outside in July, so F it.

Besides, if the forecast is to be believed, after Tuesday it's going to be cool at night--lows in the lower 60s--so I won't need to use it very much. Here's hoping that doesn't change.

* * *

I made sure to dig out my hiking boots. I'm going to need them for the riding course on Monday, assuming I can get in. *sigh* I really hope I can.

I now need only to locate a suitable jacket or long-sleeve shirt and a pair of gloves. The mechanic's gloves I have in my toolbox ought to be okay for that, but I need to dig them out and wash them. That won't take too long; and Sunday night I want to have everything packed up and in the Jeep, ready to go for Monday morning.

I've got to leave here no later than 7:15--and 7 would be better--to get over to Lansing Muni by 7:45. (I expect to stop at McDonald's for a McSkillet.)

I'm going to take my helmet with; it's kind of crummy but the new paint job looks decent. Worst case they disallow it (due to its paleolithic origins) and I have to use a loaner. Whoop-de-do.

* * *

For the first time in a few days my back doesn't hurt. This new chair is wonderful. Why did I wait so long to buy a new one?

I keep asking myself that question but I guess the only answer I can come up with is A) I didn't think I needed a new one, and B) I was worried about spending the money.

Well, from this side of the purchase I can say with authority I NEEDED THE DAMN CHAIR AND HANG THE F-ING MONEY WORRY. I spend so much time at the computer anyway; why should I be suffering? And why should I have to endure a backache in everything else I do solely to save $120 on a chair?

I mean, the ache in my back was keeping me from sleeping well, it was making my other chores harder, and it's just plain unpleasant.

* * *

I've been sitting here looking over the Fiero Forum and trying to decide on breakfast; I'd better move my butt, though, because I'm not going to get any less hungry sitting here.

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