atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#286: More fun with spam

I just love how these great e-mails keep coming and my spam filter keeps dumping them into the bit bucket.

First up: Susannah demonstrates that even dried-up mummies have the ability to make wacky rhymes. Someone alert Jesse Jackson!

Moin Khadem shows us his best Marilyn Manson impersonation. Or is Moin the "plastic-face bitch"? Come to think of it, which one of them is that?? Only God knows!

Pete B. Wells sends corporate crap-speak to me! No inbox is safe!

Eleanor tries to help me out with my flow! I think she's all wet!

I don't know what philosophically is trying to warn me about, but damn, does she look like an alien or what?

What is Kaitlin Burgess saying to me? Her words are muffled and typographically incorrect! I think I'm afraid!

Dave Haley is trying weird combinations again. Or maybe he's just unfamiliar with English homonyms and is trying to sell herbal shampoo! We'll never know!

Billyu Kho gives us a glimpse of hellish babies! They will eat your pets!

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