atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2860: Thirteen

Here's an interesting thing about me: my life seems ruled by the number 13.

Okay, just as an example: the two domiciles I've lived in? The numerals in their building numbers add up to 13. For the six years I lived in Cedar Rapids, I lived at 1651 34th St SE; 1+6+5+1=13. (And I lived in apartment 13.) The bunker's numbers add up to 13.

So I just noticed a bit ago that the motorcycle course I'm enrolled in is LAP-58.


What were the last two digits on my ticket for the seating lottery?

58. 5+8=13. Looked at that way, it seems almost inevitable that I'd get in, doesn't it?

In addition to that, I've worked for two employers at store locations numbered #832 which--you guessed it--adds up to 13.

The new plates for the Fiero have two number groups on them. One group is 832.

I suppose I ought to be freaked out about all this, but in fact it's actually kind of cool, in a way.

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