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#2861: One class left.

At least, I hope I only have one class session left. It'd be nice to get my completion card tomorrow. We'll see how I do on the riding test; I'm not particularly worried about the written one. Last night I took the on-line sample test and got one question wrong (of 48).

Today I rode a Honda CB250 "Nighthawk" and it was like a night and day difference from the dirt bike I rode Tue and Wed. It's low-speed maneuverability is fantastic. I made note of the one I rode today--number 169--because I want to ride that one during the riding test tomorrow. fact, I liked it so much, I want one. Damn I want one. It's not an expensive bike; it uses the same mechanicals as Honda's "Rebel" model, in fact, which is an entry-level bike with an MSRP of around $4,000. I bet I could find a used one of about the same vintage as the one I rode for less than $2,000, right?

*sigh* I so need to get a job. And not just because I've fallen in love with a street bike.

* * *

But how likely is it that I'll find one? More economic DOOM! there--it's the usual link to the usual AoSHQ post--and believe me, it doesn't look good.

* * *

The DOOM! post contains a link to this article about the rioters in London. Money quote: "They are essentially wild beasts."

Not politically correct, but pretty frickin' accurate. (The truth usually isn't PC.)

* * *

Leonidas at Eternity Road has some trouble with INS and Homeland Security.

The way to fix this problem is for his wife to maintain a dark tan year 'round, speak Spanish, and claim to be Mexican. Those guys won't give a rat's ass about her immigration status if she does that.

* * *

Last night, after my shower, I noticed that my neck had gotten red and tender; so this morning I slathered sunblock on my neck, too.

It's very nice outside, but I was still wearing a jacket over a henley; and--worse--we did a lot of waiting in line today. So I'd be sitting there and waiting my turn to do an exercise; I'd get perhaps 10, 15 seconds of movement, and then go wait in line for two or three minutes. With only a very slight breeze blowing, and me sitting over a hot engine, I was roasting: my shirt was soaked with sweat by the time we were done riding today.

Tomorrow, then, I plan to wear one of my very few long-sleeve tee shirts. I hope the Escher one still fits; that's white (except for the graphics) and it's made of awesome. Failing that, I've got a red one that'll do the job; and then I won't have to wear a black windbreaker over my shirt, leading to a soaked shirt.

Every time I get a look at myself in the mirror, the first thing that comes to mind: "Ryoko, are you all right? Your face is red! Did you catch a cold?"


* * *

Owing to the fact that I've been going to this riding course for four hours each day this week, I've had correspondingly less time to do anything else--especially since I've been fading out in the afternoons and napping for 3-4 hours. Then I get up around 6-ish and I'm up until 10, at which point I try to start getting myself into bed so I can get up at 6:45 AM and do it again.

It's a good thing for me, though, because it makes me get up in the morning, which tends to synchronize my sleep schedule to the rest of the world.

But it also means I've been on WoW for perhaps a couple hours, total, since Sunday. I watched anime Monday night (I think it was Monday) because I was too brain-fried from four hours of class instruction to do anything else. Class instruction with a frisson of public speaking, because of how they held the first session: form groups, read a section, discuss it, and then select a leader to stand up and present the information to the class.

The two women in the group ganged up on me, and the other guy in the group didn't express an opinion; but to be honest I was just as happy to do it because I don't actually mind doing public speaking if I have enough advance notice that I can kind of plan what I'm going to say. And, heck, all I had to do was hold my book in front of me and paraphrase a few things, kind of connect them together; and in some respects I'm actually a natural teacher. (Except for my tendency to give too much detail to beginners.) So that was all right.

* * *

Some people fear public speaking more than death. I'm not one of those people.

Now, people who know me would blink at that and say, "Homey say what now?" I'm the reserved, quiet guy; I'm the guy who people have to ask, "Hey, are you having fun?" I sit in the corner at parties and watch everyone else because I'm such a shy person, and I have so much trouble forming relationships with people it's not even remotely humorous.

...yet I get up, behind a podium, and I can talk. Without stuttering, stammering, or quavering voice, even. If I've had a chance to prepare something, I can talk pretty damn good--better than our sitting President, who can't do a damn thing without a teleprompter!--and if it's all "off-the-cuff" I can usually do it if I have an idea in advance of what I'm going to talk about. The latter kind of speech will ramble a bit and I'll probably lose track of a thing or two, but I can do it without sweating to death.

I fear going up to a woman in a bar and hitting on her much, much more than I fear public speaking. How sad is that?

* * *

So I've been thinking about motorcycle helmets; and what I want is a rather nice-looking one I saw in the JC Whitney catalog for around $90. It's a modular helmet--the front swings up--and it's vented.

The description, though, does not contain those magical words, "Meets or exceeds DOT specifications". All the other helmets in the catalog have that; this one does not.

This particular helmet comes in a nice green color; but now I'm thinking I'll just go with basic white. White goes with anything and it's nice and visible.

...and you can get a vinyl wrap made of anime characters!

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