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#2862: It's going to be a Culver's.

I just saw the ad in the Record-Monitor advertising for restaurant managers for the "new Culver's in Crete".

"Experience required" of course.'s a shame it's not a Wendy's, damn it. Culver's food is pretty good, but I can't see myself going there very much because it just costs more than the typical fast food place does. And now might not be the best time to be building a brand-f-ing-new restaurant anyway.

* * *

The Harley-Davidson dealership out that way--Harley-Davidson of Crete--just behind the Shell station on the SW corner of Steger and 394, went out of business. And not recently. Considering that most of the time I go past there it's after business hours, I suppose it makes sense I wouldn't notice that the place had closed.

I only learned about it today, in class, and my jaw dropped. I mean, WTF--they only just expanded their showroom, in (IIRC) 2009. I figured they expanded the thing because they were doing well; I mean you don't spend a shitton of money on expanding your showroom when you're looking at a bunch of red ink in your ledgers. (Unless you're run by the federal government, but one assumes H-D-of-C was not.) And their building isn't a simple sheetmetal shed; it's a brick building with fancy colored brickwork and all kinds of H-D related colors and style cues. (It would take some doing to take that building and open, for example, a Yamaha dealership in it.)

Once I got over my initial shock, I discovered that I wasn't surprised by the news. (Surprise, I am startled to realize anew, is not the same as shock. Which is also not the same as being startled. There is an element of surprise in all three, but--) (STOP!)

...wasn't surprised by the news, considering that H-D motorcycles are not exactly cheap. WTF, when your cheapest possible model starts at $9,000 without any options--and it's really a luxury item anyway--you're not going to be selling many when the economy goes south. Particularly not when the economy tanks so bad it sets a record.

That's probably why that one Suzuki could be had for $3,000 when it's a $4,000 bike: it's a buyer's market. This news came within the context of a discussion on how a bunch of motorcycle dealerships have closed in the Chicago area, some fairly recently.

* * *

Looking at riding gear--not just helmets--is interesting, too.

Riding gear is pretty "loud", color-wise; and the course instructor explained it in words of one syllable so that even I could understand it: it's made with loud colors on purpose, so that PEOPLE IN CARS WILL SEE YOU.

(Okay, "people", "colors", and "purpose" all have two syllables. Still.)

The instructor modeled one of his own riding jackets (price: about $100) which had plastic armor for elbows, shoulders, and spine, and which would protect a person's skin from road rash for about thirty seconds before failing. Cheaper than leather, but one-use-only--still, it'd be a pretty wise investment.

It was a tasteful light grey color, with reflective piping for night riding; I think I could stand to wear that.

...none of which is here or there right now, since I won't be going far from home on my TS-90 and don't expect to go much faster than 35 or 40 at the fastest, so denim ought to be okay.

* * *

I actually managed to stay awake long enough to make it to therapy this afternoon; I had been worried that I wouldn't. This past week has been so eventful it seems like it's been about a century since I last went in, but it has only been a single week. Dang.

But I'm fading pretty fast now.

It was so cool last night that when I got up to hit the can, it was cold in here. (Granted, I was in underwear.) (Mind bleach: $5 per dose, line up over here.) I cold-soaked the bunker pretty well--well enough that I didn't need to run the AC at all today. It was down to 69° at the thermostat when I got up at 6:45 this morning, and when I got home from class at 1 it was only 74°.

Right now? 75 at the thermostat and 78 at the computer. It's still cooler in here than it was when I was running the AC during the heat wave.

As far as I'm concerned, it could be like this for an entire summer, and you'd never hear a single complaint from me. Today it was warm enough to go swimming or boating or whatev, but not stinkinously hot; that would be just fine by me.

...this kind of weather in summer, without the hideous cold and blizzards and snow that you typically see in climes where this summer weather is typical. Yeah, I know I'm not asking for much, here.

* * *

Between class and therapy I ran Bitsychan through a random. That's the most WoW I've played in three or four days. Shit.

* * *

AND the 50 RJ-45 ends I ordered last Thursday have arrived. There is now no reason I couldn't run cable...except for sheer laziness on my part.

Maybe Saturday. We'll see.

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