atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2863: I've got good news and bad news.

The good news is, I got 100% on the written evaluation.

The bad news is, they're still going to let me ride motorcycles on the road despite not repeating my perfect performance on the riding evaluation.

No, wait, that's still part of the good news: I passed and it's going to take 2-3-5 weeks for the bureaucracy to churn, after which I'll be able to go to the DMV and get "M" added to my license.

The actual bad news?

...this morning I decided I'd drive the Fiero to class, as it's a super-nice day and no rain was predicted. After arriving at the airport, I noticed an odd and familiar acrid burning odor: stuck brake rotor!

Checked the rears, and there was no sign whatsoever of any problems. I didn't think to check the fronts.

Class, written, practical, etc--get in the Fiero to drive home and off I go!

Go to McDonald's for a celebratory bacon mofo (I should have gotten a shake, too, damn it) and I'm smelling that acrid brake odor again; and by the time I got home it was really obvious.

Get out, smell the driver's side front--WHEW!--it just about blew my nose off. I'm probably going to get cancer of the nose now in about 30 years because of that one whiff of burning brake pad.

The other wheels were fine.

Go grab the spray bottle of soapy water I'd left on the workbench after fixing the Suzuki's leaky tire, sprayed it on the rotor, and clouds of steam came rolling off as the water vaporized the instant it hit hot metal.

No, not good, that.

Finally I went and got the hose and ran water on the thing until I was sure I could park it in the garage without it catching fire. It took a bit.


...most common cause of a stuck front caliper on a Fiero is a bad brake hose. The rubber in the hose goes bad and swells up and turns into a kind of diode: fluid can flow from the master cylinder to the caliper, applying brake, but the fluid cannot flow back once the pedal is released, so the caliper remains on. I'm going to need to go buy a complete set of brake hoses for the Fiero and swap them all out before I drive it any further and before I do any adjustering to the rear brakes. *sigh* This is gonna be fun. Or--wait, no, what was the opposite of fun? A pain in the ass, that's right!

* * *

Since I don't have the completion card yet--I have to wait for it to be mailed to me--I'm not going to do any of the insuring and plating and stuff I was planning/hoping to do today. That's fine, because I'm worn out.

* * *

HuffPo piece on the benefits of irradiating food.

* * *

Oh, now it's "consumer sentiment" rather than "consumer confidence", eh?

Whatever you call it, it hasn't been this low since 1980. Now, who was President in 1980? Jimmy something...? Oh yes! Jimmy Carter, DEMOCRAT.

* * *

But, hey! The Dow's back up to where it was last week! It's all good, right? Even though that's still some 1,200 points lower than it was earlier in the year?

* * *

Definitely need one of these.

* * *

So! I took a free course, and passed it, and now I'm just waiting on paperwork! Hoody hoo!

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