atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2864: Errands are done, too!

Last night I crashed around 5 PM-ish. I woke up at 10 PM needing to pee with the intention of taking out the trash, shaving and showering, etc; but instead I decided I'd just set the alarm an hour earlier and go back to bed. Once I'd drained the bladder and fed the cats, I returned to bed.

I did not sleep at all badly. I woke up at 5-ish, lay in bed until 5:40, and then got up.

Even with taking out the trash and cooking and eating a full farm breakfast, I was out the door at 7 AM on the bounce, shaved and showered. Can't beat that.

And after spending a little time on WoW chatting with Sailor V and doing a couple quests, I did a little cleaning that's been needing done for the past week. Mainly it was just sweeping the kitchen and the bathroom, but I also needed to clean up the glazing putty crumbles that got inside when I was preparing the window frame for the new glass. So that took a few minutes, and everything looks better; once done with that I bopped out of here to run errands: went to the insurance agent to pay the Jeep's insurance (due today) and to get a quote on insuring the Suzuki. ($21 per month. Not bad.) Then I went to the bank. I didn't go to do any of the big business I need to do about inserting more money into my IRA; I went there to get the Jeep's license plates renewed. $104 later, I put a new sticker on the rear plate and headed to the grocery store!

I got out of the store for $90; I needed just about everything except toilet paper and shaving cream, for crying out loud. Cat food, cat litter, ham, ravioli, lemonade mix, bread, Pepsi--crapzor. I spent probably $30 on cat supplies alone. Shit.

...came home, unloaded the truck and put the stuff away.

* * *

My brother-in-law called me about something-or-other, but didn't say what; only that he'd call me back later. I really hope my sister's not coming up here from Louisiana this weekend; that would ruin a very, very pleasant week. *sigh*

* * *


Anyone who thinks they're just going to round up conservatives and make them go to "re-education camps" is so delusional he probably thinks the sky is purple with green polka dots. Ain't fuckin' gonna happen, pally.

I know where to go to get my guns back, should I need them. And if someone wants to round up me and those who think as I do, to put us in a camp, I'm not going to give a wet fart in a hurricane about Illinois state law. I'm going to start fucking shooting at anyone who tries. Okay, I know my history, and I know what happened to the hundred million victims of socialism in the 20th century who allowed themselves to be "rounded up":


So I would not go quietly. And neither should you.

(I find "fart" to be a terribly unpleasant word. So when I use it, you may assume it is to maximize the intensity of what I am saying.)

* * *

...that little rant probably got me put on a list. *sigh*

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