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#2870: S&P is being investigated!

Of course they are. Think about it: they had the gall to downgrade the US public debt!

And someone's got to be made to pay for this outrage.

* * *

More and more, the Girl Scouts are becoming a leftist indoctrination group. No question about lesbians being allowed to be the Girl Scout equivalent of Scoutmasters. (Scoutmistresses?)

* * *

So let's just move onward to the economy, shall we?

AoSHQ's usual DOOM! post. I link to it nearly every day because it's usually full of good links explaining:
1) We are boned (despite what the mainstream media say)

2) How boned we are

3) What form we can expect the "surprise boning" to take, and in which orofices
All of this is useful information, and it saves me having to type it all out myself.

* * *

50 years of the welfare state has left England in a sad state of affairs. A lot of folks are linking to this article today. "You are surprised by what has happened? Why? I have been saying for years that it was coming, and why it was coming, and what could be done to stop it."

* * *

Atomic Insights on a woman trying to save the Zion Nuclear Power plant. Good luck, lady.

* * *

I thought that audiophiles had a lock on pseudo-scientific hogwash, which they used to explain why their $8,000 speaker cables and $2,500 USB cables were better than zip cord at $0.10 per foot. (And it's not just because they paid $8,000 for $4 worth of wire and connectors, damn it!)

That's because I didn't even think about wine.

Wine has been around a hell of a lot longer than audio recording technology. Of course its mumbo-jumbo and double-speak would be significantly more advanced. It's built on the same kind of comic-book science that audiophile nonsense is built on.

...until I read the bits he quotes there, I thought there were aurorae over Antarctica. Just goes to show how good some people are at Photoshop, I guess, because I have to assume all the pictures I've seen of the aurora australis must have been fake. I mean, this wine taster says they never happen, so it must be true!


It would be interesting to do a blind taste test on one of these guys. Glass A, Chateau Lafite. Glass B, Franzia. Glass C, Corbett Canyon. Find the expensive stuff! I have to wonder how many of them could figure out which was which if they didn't know in advance which wine was which. (Or, even better, if you told them the Franzia was the Chateau Lafite. That would be entertaining.)

* * *

From the DOOM! link above, I have to comment on this story about people running their own businesses.

There's a reason I always say "no, not gonna do that" when people ask me, "Why don't you fix computers out of your home?" (Or cars, or whatever.) Owning your own business is a great thing for people who want to do that kind of thing, who want to do all the bookkeeping and paperwork and regulation compliance and-and-and.

And, of course, I don't want to ruin something I enjoy (fixing cars etc) by making a career out of it. I did that with computers and learned my lesson.

* * *

With it being so cool outside, it's quiet in the house because I don't have four fans running. So now the loudest thing in my room other than my typing is the computer's fans.

Believe me, I am not complaining. I like quiet. I like pleasant weather. I'm going back and forth between going for Fiero parts and taking a nap; that's how much I like it right now. It'd be wonderful to go outside and get some stuff done. Fix the car, work on the motorcycle a bit, do some cleaning in the garage, etc.

Problem: back.

Last December it was aching like this, probably because I had to replace the Jeep's radiator.

You know, I have no idea why it's aching now, actually. I haven't done anything! The most strenuous thing I've done in the past week was to cut the grass; and when you're doing 90% of it on a riding mower that's not strenuous. Quite the opposite.

What did I do?

The back was not bothering me when I was at the riding course. It was bothering me 10 days ago and prompted me to buy a new chair but it didn't hurt like it did Saturday morning.

The new chair is still awesome, by the way; the back doesn't hurt when I'm sitting down or laying down. Only when I'm standing and walking, or if I move a certain way.

So instead of fixing my show car so I could drive it to cruise night, I'm going to sit here and play WoW (and/or nap) instead. Let my back get better before I try doing anything strenuous.

Probably the best choice, that.

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