atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2871: OHHH yeah!

Here in town there's a burrito place, Super Burrito, being operated out of the main street bar ("Chuck's Place"), and I just decided to try their food.

I finished the gyros off this morning, for breakfast; and as the day has progressed I've been getting hungrier and hungrier, since metabolism continues. I've seen the sign for this indoor burrito stand over the past couple years, and every time I saw it I thought, "I ought to try that soon...." Well, today was the day! I wanted something that wasn't from a fast food chain that I didn't cook myself, and was thinking about going ahead and having a sit-down meal somewhere...and my Google search reminded me that I hadn't tried this place I went.

$5 for a burrito, $3 for chips and salsa, all to go...and let me tell you, if the damn salsa is any guide I'm going to be eating there a lot more often. So let's try the burrito!

The burrito is big like an El Famous burrito is. The first few bites--it's good, and the green salsa adds enough kick without overpowering everything else. Rice, lettuce, sour cream, beef--all in good proportion--and queso, not American, cheese. Good. Enough to go stringy when I take a bite. ("No tomato?" You ask incredulously. I ordered it without tomato because I don't like raw tomato.)

The meat's got a really tasty smokey flavor, and I can't even taste a hint of chili powder anywhere. It's a bit on the salty side.

The only real complaint I have about the food is that the salsa I bought is just a shade too spicy. Once I've had a few chips I can taste nothing but HOT! It'd be nice if it were more mild, as then I could enjoy the flavor more; the flavor is excellent until the HOT! catches up to you. Then it feels as if you've tried to drink from an acetylene torch.

But overall? THIS FOOD IS DAMN GOOD. I packed away the entire burrito, it tasted so good, and I will be going back there. I want to try some other menu items, like the tacos and quesadillas.

It's nice to have a place like this within a two-minute drive of the bunker. Formerly I'd have to go to Orland Park to get a burrito like this (from the closest El Famous) and that's a 20-minute drive each way, so you either eat there or resign yourself to the fact that by the time you get home your food will be cold.

There are mexican places a lot closer than that, but I don't know what they're like and some of them are in semi-iffy neighborhoods. I don't hesitate to drive through them but I don't know that I want to be hanging around a restaurant buying food.

Super Burrito in Crete: highly recommended.

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