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#2872: Warren Buffett is an anus

So Warren Buffett, super-rich Democrat, is saying that the super-rich guys like him don't pay enough taxes.

I'm thinking perhaps he ought to release his tax forms and show us how he's not taking any deductions and paying the full rate on all his income, if he's so totally convinced that he's not paying enough taxes.

WORM wants him to prove he takes no deductions or be executed. Bit extreme, but I'm also getting tired of millionaire/billionaire socialists talking about how "the rich" don't pay enough taxes.

Market Ticker just says "Bite me."

Millionaire/Billionaire socialists are all the same: "I'm not paying enough taxes! Make me pay more!" they say, all the while hiring accountants and lawyers to ensure they don't pay so much as a single cent more than they have to pay. Buffett says he pays $6-odd million in income taxes per year; but there is a line on every tax form which allows you to contribute money voluntarily to help the government pay its bills. What figure does he write on that line? If it's not a nonzero number, he's a firkin' hypocrite.

* * *

Irradiating meat would stop all this bullshit. It drives me insane that we know how to stop this and don't because a bunch of morons would wet their pants.

* * *

I might find Obama's business advice a little more believable if, y'know, he had ever run a business and had to make payroll. But since Obama has no experience whatsoever in the private sector, not even as an employee, it's kind of hard to believe he knows what the fuck he's talking about.

* * *

Over the past week or so some comments have been showing up at this Fungus discussion of gay "tolerance".

The whole thing arose because I discussed my reasons for removing a blogger from my blogroll; she had gone ballistic and posted a bunch of vitriol over a couple of parents who had put a shirt on one of their kids that read "Straight Pride". My response ended up garnering even more vitriol from her, and it presented an excellent opportunity for me to discuss, in depth, my own views on homosexuality and tolerance thereof.

The people agitating for "tolerance" are, in fact, agitating for "uncritical approval" and "love". Well, I don't uncritically approve of homosexuality and I don't love it, and won't; what I will do is tolerate it.

Part of that is understanding that we live in an (allegedly) free country, and people have a right to freedom of expression here. That includes things I don't like; and that's fine. Nowhere in my discussion will you find me advocating for the imprisonment or destruction of homosexuals, the limitations of their civil rights, or even any advocacy of bigotry against them.

What you do find is a discussion of why I think the lifestyle is destructive and why I tolerate it; but I cannot and will not approve of it.

The responses I got to my discussions all approximated, "You're a bigot because you disagree with me."

Then there's this idiotic and anonymous NSFW comment. As I said in my reply to it:
The Fungus has a policy regarding anonymous posts: they're deleted.

But you know what? This comment is so ridiculous I think I'm going to let it stay. I can't help but feel sorry for the guy who wrote that.
So what greeted me this morning? Two more anonymous comments, both of which I deleted because ANONYMOUS POSTS ARE DELETED. If I don't know who you are--real name or an actual active blog or something--your post goes right to the bit bucket. (Certain exceptions are made. This is a dictatorship and my decisions are above question, but I know when, for example, Og is posting something even if he forgets to sign his comment.)

...not that they were any great loss, as neither was a refutation of anything I said. They--again--boiled down to "You're a bigot!" in 50,000 words or less.

I don't mind being proven wrong; but I'm not going to listen to baseless blather such as the last line of one dumped comment: "God might/might not hate anyone. But you do."

You don't know me, dude. You read a couple posts in which I said things you don't agree with, and made an assumption. You don't know who I do or don't hate; I'm certainly not going to take your word for it and hang my head in shame and reject positions I arrived at after careful consideration of the evidence. Evidence, not feelings, by the way.

The other downside to posting anonymously (besides the fact that I delete anonymous posts) is that LJ has a problem with spam anyway, so the LJ servers flag all "anonymous" comments as spam and screen them from public view until and unless the blogger okays them. And when you delete those posts, it kickbans the IP that posted them.

I'm sick and tired of having to go look at posts which are years old to delete spam posts. I don't know what the spammers think they're doing by posting comments to Fungus posts that are years old; the only person who ends up seeing their spam is me, and I don't even bother to remember what the thing was about. Certainly I don't go to the URLs they include.

They don't even link them; the href tag is beyond them...and if there's anything that I hate, it's spam from incompetent spammers.

So, just in case you missed it, ANONYMOUS POSTS ARE DELETED. I get to decide what that means and I don't give a rat's ass whether or not you like it. Life is too short for me to waste time dealing with this kind of crap.

* * *

Another Tuesday, and I've got Bible study tonight. There'll be a group on Wednesdays starting September 7, which I'll be attending, I do believe...unless they gang up on me and say "OUT, THOU UNBELIEVER!"

...which they won't. When I went to church on Sunday I saw several members of the group, and they all looked genuinely pleased to see me there. So I think I am welcome to be in the next one; and I'm going to if it's at all possible because it's just such a wonderful group of people I can't stay away.

I was disappointed when I realized I wasn't going to make it last week. Oh well; it just means I'll enjoy this week's session all the more.

* * *

I ended up playing WoW all day yesterday. When I finally realized that I'd been playing it all day, I told Sailor V I needed to log out, and he justly chastised me for my weakness. Heh. WoW odyssey yesterday began with me trying to start a vanity guild over on Hellscream, called "Urd's Stormtroopers", but unfortunately the thing won't let me use apostrophes so instead it's "Urds Stormtroopers". *sigh*

Anyway, I enabled the wireless router and, using the laptop, logged on to Sailor V's WoW account to knock out one signature, and I created a toon named "Fillybuster" to do it. Then I did some other stuff; and after a while I realized that early morning is not the best time to try to buy guild sigs, so I logged out of that and played Bitsychan on Aggramar. For the rest of the day.

After realizing this, I logged out and fiddled around with "Freecell" for a while, then decided to hit the hay; and to my surprise it didn't take long for me to fall asleep. I woke up naturally around 7 AM and have been sitting here since, though all I ate was a couple of Pop Tarts; now I'm trying to decide whether to eat something else or just go back to bed.

But I forgot to disable the wireless router last night; and so rather than use the wired connection my desktop logged on using the wireless one. I'd noticed that Firefox was taking longer to bring up web sites, but only just now did I twig to why that was so.


The advantage of having the router in the loop is that I don't have to use my WoW authenticator as often. With the wired connection I connect the PC directly to the modem, and when I put the PC to sleep it relinquishes its IP lease; so when I fire it up again, it has a different IP and the WoW login server forces authentication.

With the router in place, the IP lease remains in effect, and the WoW IP server sees the same IP, so it just says, "Yeah, I remember you; go ahead," and doesn't bother with authenticating the session.

The disadvantage is, of course, slower web access. Not a lot slower, mind you, but slower nonetheless.

* * *

Being hungry, I'm kind of thinking about today's meals, and what I'm going to try not to do is go buy another burrito from Super Burrito.

But it's not going to be easy.

* * *

On the way back from the motorcycle course (or was it on the way there?) I saw that a place was hiring "warehouse help" and resolved to go apply.

...Og linked to the place's ad in a comment, so I didn't even have to leave the bunker to turn in an application. Heh.

But since there are about six people for every job opening, I don't know that anything's going to be happening. *sigh* Well, I'll get something, sooner or later.

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