atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2877: Ah, breakfast

I used to put ketchup on eggs all the time, regardless of how they're prepared. I don't do that anymore; I've found that if I fry eggs over easy in bacon grease they don't need anything other than a little salt to be perfectly delicious.

But scrambled is another story; when I make a big farm breakfast I scramble the eggs and eat them atop the potatoes, and that calls for ketchup.

Anyway, today I decided to cut out the potatoes and have three eggs and three slices of bacon. And I feel more satisfied with that than I did the past few days with a heap of hash browns--so WTF.

I don't know about lunch and dinner yet. It'd be nice if I could stay home all day and not go anywhere and eat what I've got on hand. The freezer has too much stuff in it now.

...I keep thinking about the "chest freezer" idea, though.

* * *

EAT THE RICH! Yeah, our problem is that we've simply got too many rich people in this country. A prominent Democrat Senator says we've got to eliminate the rich.


Because that's such a stupid thing to say, my mind has locked up trying to process it.

Let's hear from Motorhead:

* * *

I haven't heard that song since 1987. Heavy metal goes so well with a locked-up brain. Of course the song is actually a request for fellatio, but the overt message goes so very well with Senator Filibuster's nonsense....

* * *

If one of those Chinese is a cute female aged, oh, 25, I'll help her be legal. Heh. "House, that's a felony!"

*sigh* I can't even get a mail-order bride correctly! I guess I suck.

* * *

I really, sincerely hope that Monday is a boring, boring day and not as exciting as Karl Denninger suggests it might be. Shit.

...but it really isn't looking too good, you know?

Before I found Market Ticker I was under the impression that Washington, D.C. was keeping an eye on Wall Street. Well, it seems not to be the case; in fact the feds are enabling all kinds of shenanigans.

Unfortunately it looks like it's going to take nation-wide riots to change that. Well, they're on their way, and only the delivery date is uncertain. But it's not going to be a very long wait.

* * *

I don't have much else to discuss. Tomorrow is the church's block party, which I'm planning to attend, so I'll have to shave and look gentlemanly at the very least.

Sunday is church, of course. Then I've got all of next week to look foward to...and it's going to take some doing. Even assuming the stock market doesn't collapse into a black hole....

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