atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2878: I'm not cutting the grass today.

...raining, and it was raining for a while before I got up, and an hour later it is still raining.

The church block party starts at 4 PM, so as long as the rain quits in the next hour or two it ought to be fine. I'm sure I'm not the only person biting his nails over it.

* * *

$11,000 more for a car under Obama's new mileage rules. That's right: so your bargain-basement Chevrolet Impala will cost you about $31,000 instead of $20,000.

What? You can't afford that much? Have a look at the new Aveo! New for this model year it's a sporty two-seater! It gets 50 MPG and is made from highly advanced carbon fiber construction, and it'll only cost you $22,000! No, don't turn on the air conditioner; the light's about to turn green and we want to be able to move....'ll also fold up like a house of cards in a 10 MPH collision, which means insuring the car will also cost more.

The dorkmobile in the picture at that link is not far off from what we'll all be driving once these rules take effect.

* * *

Last night, Sailor V decided to do an experiment with the throwaway toon I created on his account in order to get "Lums Stormtroopers" off the ground. The toon was a female warlock named "Fillybuster".

He decided to see how long it would take him--starting with nothing--to make 100 gold. His goal was to have it in hand within 24 hours. So I created a paladin named Myshara, and we ran around Northshire for a while; then we hit Stormwind and he began his nefarious work.

...he made it to 100GP (more, actually) by midnight simply by applying what he knew about the Auction House.

I also decided that I would not schlep money from other toons to Myshara, but let her build her own fortune, so I borrowed a little of Sailor V's AH expertise and applied it myself. But I got tired around 11-ish and logged out, so I don't know how I did. Well, I'd done WoW all day but for cooking breaks.

* * *

Anyway, that's about it. It's Saturday and I don't feel like blogging a lot. My back hurts and I'm sleepy even though I slept pretty well. *sigh*

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