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I've decided.

Last night's dinner was pizza (large Super Supreme from Pizza Hut, $10.85 with tax) and so this morning's breakfast is also pizza. What a bummer. (/irony)

I got the pizza and got home in a scant 15 minutes (which is, I think, a record) and immediately fired up WoW. Nerdvana achieved: good pizza, a bottle of regular Pepsi, and a good RPG. Sailor V and I teamed up and hit a couple of lowbie instances he hadn't done; I was running Bitsychan and annihilating everything that crossed my path. I needed rep--got exalted with Gnomeregan and started working on it with Exodar--and instances are good auction house fodder.

Anyway, it got to be about 11:30-ish and I decided it was time for bed; and as I logged out of WoW I began feeling hypoglycemic. I had another slice of pizza, but it got worse, so I ended up binging in order to get my blood glucose back into normal range: a bowl of ice cream, a peanut butter sandwich, a handful of cookies, some chocolate with more peanut butter. I laid down feeling kind of sick to my stomach, but with the symptoms receding.

Naturally I woke up with bad heartburn early this morning. Too much fat at once--and I shouldn't have laid down so soon after a meal, anyway. Those of us with a propensity for GERD know what I mean.

I was kind of upset at myself--what was I thinking, guzzling that entire bottle of Pepsi when eating pizza?--but then I thought about it: the attack of hypoglycemia didn't occur until four hours after that meal. What happened was that I was so involved with WoW that I wasn't paying attention to my hunger reflex. It wasn't a sugar reaction; it was me not eating that caused it.

The sugared Pepsi didn't help but it didn't cause the problem; if I had paid attention to my stomach I would have had another slice of pizza around 10-ish and there wouldn't have been a problem.

Oh well.

* * *

Yes, bicycles are supposed to obey the rules of the road, too.

If you insist on riding on the roads, if you insist that you're a vehicle with the same rights as a car, then you also share the same responsibilities--and that includes stopping for stop signs and red lights.

I hate to break it to you, but that's the facts. So if you're one of those bike assholes who uses the left-turn lane like you're a car, instead of dismounting and crossing the street like a pedestrian, then--shazam!--you get fined for running red lights.

This particular bike asshole had to be pulled over three times because, apparently, he's too stupid to learn the first time.

Bike assholes: they insist that they have as much right to be on the road as cars, but bitch about being held to the same set of rules.
Rodriguez [the bike asshole this story is about], who lives in Washington Heights, hopes by telling his story, other cyclists won't have to shell out a lot of green for running a red.

"Things have changed," he said. "[Bicyclists] need to be aware of what the worst-case scenario can be."
Yeah, you know, or you could just obey the freakin' law.

* * *

Speaking of which, that bit about the bike in the left turn lane? That's real; I saw it the other day. There's a bike asshole who lives around here, and I saw him use the left turn lane like he was a car. WTF--at least he didn't run the red light.

...and then on my way to Pizza Hut last night, in University Park, I saw a woman riding her bike on the road, a bare 20 feet from a perfectly acceptable asphalt bike path.


* * *

OMG: Frog Follies (BIG car show) is going on at the same time as the Indy 1500 gun show. I wonder if I can wangle a side trip out of the folks I'm going with? Or will it be too far away? Guess I'll have to find out.

* * *

I first saw this story linked at the Fiero forum. GM is saying, "Ah, we are the new GM, you see, and we're not responsible for problems with products from the old GM.

It begs the obvious question: that being the case, if I bought a car from the old GM, why do I have to pay the new GM for it?

Sarcasm aside, while GM's--excuse me, new GM's--policy is technically legal, it's a damn rotten thing to do to anyone who bought a vehicle from old GM in good faith, expecting the warranty to be good.

Solution: DO NOT BUY A GM PRODUCT. And that's what a lot of people will do, with both new and used cars.

* * *

So the "Recovery could be one of longest, most difficult in U.S. history, economists say". These are the same economists who keep being baffled at "unexpected" economic news? I guess they're finally twigging to what the rest of us have known all along: there is no recovery.

And there isn't going to be one anytime soon, at least in part because the Obama administration is making good on its campaign promise to bankrupt coal power plants.

Yeah, you can expect electricity to become a lot more expensive next year, and you can thank Mr. President Barack Hussein Obama mm-mm-mm for it!

* * *

I have no sympathy for companies which "cannot" fill vacant positions in this economy.

If you're getting 1,000 resumes and filling only 5% of your vacancies, there is something wrong with your selection criteria.

* * *

Obama ends deportation by executive fiat. Yeah, leftists, tell us again about how "imperial" George W. Bush was.

* * *

AoSHQ DOOM! post.

From there, a post on productivity.

One of the interesting things about the American economy is that--for decades--it led the world in productivity.

Sure, in the 1980s Japan was going to eat our lunch! Japanese workers spent 10, 12, 14 hours a day at the office! They worked their asses off and their quality far surpassed anything the US could manage!

...yet Americans, with an eight-hour workday, beat the pants off them in productivity. Japanese office workers (just as an example) are inefficient, taking a lot of breaks and long lunches; sure they were at the office for 12 hours a day but they were actually working for only eight of them.

Meanwhile, responding to market forces, US corporations improved their quality and maintained their efficiency...and Japan is now the #3 economy in the world.

There is, however, only so much productivity you can wring from a workforce before it starts getting tired and mistakes begin happening. You can make your people run at full speed 60 hours a week for a while--but sooner or later, they start burning out.

In fact, it turns out that about 35 hours a week is the optimum for knowledge workers--people who have to use their brains to accomplish things, you know, like technical writers--and that after 40 hours their productivity drops sharply; much farther than that and they begin making mistakes, some serious.

* * *

Take this, for example.

I sent Og a copy of what I've got of the latest project, and he writes that. Now people are going to flood my comments with all kinds of "When when when?" stuff, and I'll actually have to do something.

I sent it to him after he replied to a comment of mine in an earlier post of his.

I didn't mean for Og to stay up reading the thing. Jeeze, now I feel guilty.

...but it feels good to know that my stuff is liked. I really do need to get it published, one way or another, I guess.

* * *

BTW, that book list--

NPR did a survey of listeners about the top 100 SF/Fantasy novels, and that was the result.

There's a lot of crap on that list, IMHO. The Handmaid's Tale, being a left-wing fantasy, really does not belong on the list at all; certainly not in the top 50.

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant don't belong on the list at all. What crap that was. Here's the essence of that series: "It's all my fault! Everything is all my fault! The US dropped atom bombs on Japan [something that has nothing whatsoever to do with this series; this is hyperbole in action] and it's all my fault!" Thomas Covenant has leprosy and wears a wedding ring made with platinum, and in this alternate world he ends up traveling to it's awesome power! that he wields! And it's all his fault!

It's shit. Believe me.

Butcher's Codex Alera is on the list, but Dresden Files isn't? WTF.

Just remember, kids: "A person is smart. People are dumb."

* * *

I'm dithering over the $100 HP touchpad issue; if I dither long enough, it'll become a non-issue. Procrastination works in my favor sometimes. Not often enough, but sometimes; because I really, really, really, really have no use for something like that, and I don't need to spend money on something I really (x4) do not need.

I'm hoping my motorcycle course completion card comes today or tomorrow, because I want to get things going and ride my bike, dang it.

I'm going to have to fiddle with the carb a bit, because I think when I reset the mix needle to the center position it richened things up too much. I want to lean it back out.

...I had a dream last night that I was riding the motorcycle, and in the dream it was bogging down at low RPM exactly the way it does in real life. I don't remember if it was raining or if the road was just wet, but I slid halfway through an intersection on what looked and felt like algae. WTF.

I'm going to replace the points--put the new set in--and then try to get the timing closer to the mark. I might even take it to the Yamaha shop and see if they can do a proper tune-up on it for me.

But I want to fix the exhaust leaks, which means taking the cylinder off and taking it to a machine shop to get a broken exhaust stud removed. That'll take 'em a day or two and cost me a few bucks, but then I'll have a good seal at the cylinder which--oddly enough--ought to make the bike run a bit quieter.

The other thing is to pull the exhaust baffle, clean it, and see what state the fiberglas batting is in. Assuming it's still there, which I wouldn't make bets on, because my brother maintained this bike for about a decade before it became mine. There are several ways to fix the problem (assuming it exists) and I can order the correct stuff from JC Whitney for about $9 and shipping; I'd wager I could buy Bondo brand fiberglas cloth and use it, too.

What I would like would be for this thing to be about as loud as a typical 4-stroke bike is; but as it's a 2-stroke it'll be noisier. I don't know whether or not I'll be doing much late-night riding of the thing with it being as noisy as it is.

Then again, a lot of the Harley guys run straight pipes and don't care about other people; and this thing isn't as noisy as a Harley with straight pipes.

* * *

It's Monday!

...mail came already (surprisingly early) and my completion card was not in it. *sigh* Well, they said "five weeks, but possibly only two" and it's not been two weeks yet.

* * *

This morning, as I was waking up, I recalled the infamous "Badger-badger-etc" flash animation, the looping one, that's nothing but cartoon badgers in a field until the snake appears. You know, the first-ever one.

I was thinkning about it and counting badgers; and the pattern I remembered is:

Badger x 12
Mushroom, mushroom
Badger x 11
Mushroom, mushroom
Badger x 11
Mushroom, mushroom
Badger x 11
Ahh snake a snake! Snake, a snake! Aaaoooh, it's a snake!

I was dead certain it was like that. When I tried doing twelve badgers after a "mushroom" it just sounded wrong, but it was always right when I did twelve after the snake bit.

Just now I came across it on my hard drive, so I checked it out, and danged if I wasn't right? The pattern above is exactly how it goes.

I have seen the badger animation far, far too many times.

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