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#2883: Okay, I'm working on it!

Og is continuing his reign of terror regarding my writing. What did I do to deserve this? I've got Word open and I've been adding a few sentences here and there around the bloggeratin', because I live in fear of the Sack.

The story in question is interesting to me, but the words are coming slowly, and I don't want to ruin it by trying to force it out. It's getting there.

* * *

I am forced to admit I am wrong about how our government is spending money. As the link points out, it's not fair to say that the government is spending money "like a drunken sailor", because a drunken sailor is smart enough--even in his besotted state--to stop spending when he runs out of money.

The government is not.

* * *

The new acronym for Mr. President Barack Hussein Obama mm-mm-mm is "SCoaMF":

"Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure."

Midwest Chick provides the example.

* * *

From molecules to microbes in 600 million years?

600 million years is a long time. But is it long enough? Is it long enough for the "tornado in a junkyard" model to work?

Seems like that's asking an awful lot. I mean, you've got to start with basic hydrocarbons, water, ammonia, a few other chemicals, and then somehow randomly get molecules to form amino acids. (Try synthesizing amino acids in the lab sometime by randomly combining chemicals. Run the same experiment a billion times. Record your results.)

Then, once the amino acids have been formed, then you need to synthesize RNA by randomly bashing those amino acids together. Not only must you form RNA but you must form RNA which actually does something, else it's just random nonfunctional junk.

To get to DNA and its really useful properties, you need all kinds of molecular machinery to manipulate the DNA: you need one machine to unzip the strands, and one to rezip them once finished with replication. You also need a machine to read the messenger RNA that results, and make proteins from the various amino acids coded for by the RNA.

None of this is going to "just happen" very quickly.

The farther back we go, the more it looks like the theory of evolution can't work the way they say it did.

* * *

"Oh, you've got breast cancer, all right. Here, take two of these every day for the next three weeks, and see me again in a month." It'll be nice if it actually works out that way.

* * *

Is there a gold bubble, or is this just hard evidence of inflation? It's so hard to tell.

I still can't tell which way things are going to land: will we get hyperinflation, or deflation? The price of gold seems to suggest the former, but plenty of people are saying the inevitable economic collapse will be a severe deflationary cycle.

The dollar is certainly worth less than it was two years ago. Despite the government's best attempts at hiding the true level of inflation we're experiencing, inflation is occurring and it's happening at double digits. (Said it before: if we measured inflation now the way we did in the 1970s, it'd be over 10%.)

The usual AoSHQ DOOM! post.

* * *

Before I get to the inevitable Market Ticker stuff, a brief two-fer about normalizing pedophilia!

"Psychiatrists seek to destigmatize adult-child sex".

"They're mainstreaming pedophilia".

Several years ago I learned that some universities had courses which, among other things, studied pornography, and some of the pornography was teh kidi pr0nz. The course descriptions made it plain that all study was morality- and legality-neutral, that there would be no discussion of whether or not adult-child sex was right; in the courses which were "homosexual studies" courses the issue of possible psychological damage to the child wasn't even mentioned in the descriptions.

...I have no idea how the professors teaching these classes could possibly legally possess that stuff, much less put it on public display; but they had to have examples of it in order to lecture and discuss it, didn't they? (That question always bothered me considerably.)

But it was obvious to me then (I believe it was 1999) that there would be a push to destigmatize pedophilia, to attempt to make it "normal". Ask an average person from, oh, 60 years ago if he thought homosexuality ought to be considered "normal" and you'd probably get much the same reaction you're seeing now in response to the attempted normalization of pedophilia.

The basis for making pedophilia illegal has nothing to do with the pedophile's mental state, though. It has everything to do with what it does to the molested child, and we know that it's considerably less than beneficial. Even deciding that pedophilia itself is not a mental illness does not change the fact that it's bad for the kids who are victims of it.

But once pedophilia is considered a "normative" sexual orientation, then what? If it's "normal" then can you continue to keep it illegal? That's discrimination: after all, homosexuality is considered a "normative" sexual orientation, and their activities aren't outlawed! You may not like it, but that's your problem and you clearly need therapy and sensitivity training in order to get over your hangups, Hitler!

And believe me, it'll come to that; if these folks get their way, people who are trying to protect their children will be the ones who are in the wrong, castigated for being "pedophobes" and bigots when they object to a known child molestor being put in charge of teaching their kids in gym class. Yeah.

* * *

Now that I've nicely set the tone, let's get on with the next cheerful bit!

Karl Denninger lays out about what the collapse will look like. If you're not socking away food and fuel (and weapons and ammunition) I really, really hope you're not living in a big city.

My own preparations fall short of being ready for that. Since I can't legally own firearms right now, I don't know how much of a difference it makes.

I am hoping--hoping--that should it all come down like that, that living where I do provides at least a buffer against the violence and stupidity so that I have time to get my shit together and bug out. I'd prefer just to barricade the doors and windows and watch the riots unfold comfortably far away via television while munching on microwaved popcorn, but it's not the way to bet.

For damn sure there isn't going to be anything I can do to stop it.

* * *

I had been thinking of cutting the grass today; but as of right now it's been raining for two hours. I don't think I'll be cutting the grass after all.

Probably tomorrow I'll be running the AC, because the projected high is 90°; but that seems hard to believe when the current temperature is 66°. Heh.

* * *

And my back--

I realized belatedly that the way I get out of bed is not helping matters.

I'd lift my legs and kick, levering my torso up. Guess which body part bears all the load when I do that? Yeah--that's not going to do my lower back any good. So I stopped doing that, and was totally pain-free yesterday.

Then I got up in the night to hit the bathroom, and guess what I started to do? I caught myself, before I really kicked, but today my back hurts again. *sigh* So I'll be working to break myself of that stupid habit before I break my back. Cripes.

It reminds me of the problem I had with my left wrist in 1991. I'd get to school, prepare to sit in a desk, and I'd let the knapsack shoulder strap slide off my shoulder, and catch it with my forearm. The knapsack typically contained 20 lbs of books and supplies.

Then I started having weird pains in my forearm. I went to the urgent care facility and a TOTAL IDIOT OF A DOCTOR didn't even examine me or do any imaging before he decided it was carpal tunnel syndrome. "Oh, you work in computers? It's carpal tunnel."

"But I thought carpal tunnel was--"

"It's carpal tunnel!"

It was not carpal tunnel, since carpal tunnel affects your hands, not your forearms. I mean, "midway between wrist and elbow" forearm, for Christ's sake.

Look at the skin creases across your wrist, right at the base of the palm of your hand. That is where the carpal tunnel is. Put your finger there. Now move that finger no less than eight inches up your forearm; that's where my pain was.

...but I worked in computers, therefore my problem was carpal tunnel syndrome. Yeah.

Anyway, it turned out that if I didn't slough off my knapsack like a retard, but instead took hold of the strap with my hand and took it off my shoulder, mirabile visu the pain went away and never returned.

Carpal tunnel can cause forearm pain: your hands tighten up, and you have to expend more force with the muscles in your forearm to make your hands do what needs doing; and the muscles get strained. But that's not what I was experiencing; I had trouble with carpal tunnel syndrome before it even had a name and it wasn't that kind of pain.

Anyway, so now I know WTF is making my back hurt and can take steps to alleviate the thing that's aggravating it. I don't even know how I got into this stupid habit.

* * *

It's amazing how quiet it is in here when I don't need to have half a dozen fans running.

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