atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2892: 3 hours later, the ice is still ice!

And no sign whatsoever of it melting, so I took a bunch of stuff out of the freezer (upstairs) and put it into the freezer (downstairs).

The upstairs freezer does not look any less full (well, just a little less full; no longer jam-packed) and the downstairs freezer doesn't really look that much fuller.

By my calculations I moved 1.6 cubic feet of stuff--mostly chicken and turkey stock--into the downstairs freezer, where it seems it'll be just fine. Also a bunch of frozen pecans and walnuts.

Chicken and pork and beef, too.

I've got plenty of room left for, I don't know, a quarter beef or all the muscle meat from a deer. Heh.

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