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#2896: There is one good thing coming out of the Obama administration.

Final and definitive proof of the liberal bias of the media. Fred Barnes discusses it.

Via AoSHQ with some other discussion of it.

* * *

Mike Flynn comments on Hurricane Irene.'s exactly the same phenomenon as last winter's blizzards: ZOMG SEVERE WEATHER IS HITTING NEW YORK AND THE NORTHEAST IT'S THE WORST THING EVER WE'LL ALL BE KILLED!

I especially like the graphic of the eagle, flag, and toppled lawn chair. ZOMG EARTHQUAKE WHATEVER SHALL WE DO THE HORROR etc.

It's like they freak out whenever anything happens that shakes them out of their complacency. "We got fifteen inches of snow! In winter! How can we survive this unprecedented disaster of global warming?"

A few weeks later Chicago gets 18 inches of snow. There's no national crisis in the media over it, and we quietly dig our way out of the mess without there being a thousand stories about it in the national media.

'Cause we're not a bunch of chicken littles.

Irene makes the news because it's the first hurricane to make landfall in the US in three years. Remember how we were told that there were going to be more, and bigger, hurricanes because of global warming? How the worst hurricanes in history were pikers compared to how much property damage we were going to see because of global warming? How--because of global warming--we were going to need to add Category Six to the list of classifications of hurricanes because global warming will make the storms much more powerful?

Three years without a hurricane making landfall in the US.

* * *

As for me:

Today I was originally slated to go to the Indy 1500 gun show and the blogmeet with all the cool kids. That plan was jeopardized by my back, yesterday, but the pain went away and by the time I got to bed last night I was feeling pretty good.

...and couldn't sleep. Not even with Xanax. I tossed and turned until after 3 AM; and I woke up at 5:30.

Okay: it's a 3-hour drive to Indianapolis. There'd be several hours at the gunshow, at least an hour or two at the blogmeet; and then it's a 3-hour drive back. Leaving Og's at 7 AM I wouldn't be back home before 7 PM at the earliest, and it'd probably be closer to 9 PM--at least twelve hours, and probably fourteen.

On two and a half hours of sleep?

It's disappointing, but I had to cancel. Oh, I could do it, but why? It wouldn't be any fun. I'd be fighting sleep the entire day; I'd be unresponsive and "closed" and a chore to socialize with. I'd be too tired to have fun, and--worse--I'd be a drag on everyone around me.

Believe me, I know. it's better just for me to stay home and sleep--better all around.

I don't have to like it, of course.

* * *

I'm falling asleep sitting here. Argh.

It's a gorgeous late summer day. Hard to believe it's the last weekend of August; I mean it seems like the 4th of July was a couple weeks ago.

The completion card I am so eagerly anticipating the arrival of didn't come on Saturday. The local DMV is only open M-F, anyway, but (of course) I want to ride my motorcycle!

* * *

The Fiero hasn't moved since the 12th. I still need to go get a set of brake hoses, install them, and bleed the brake system. It's been only two weeks--contrary to what I said just above--and it seems like forever.

The human sense of time is pretty stupid.

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