atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2897: It's on its way!

This evening, after waking from a coma, I got an e-mail telling me that my completion card has been mailed. "Please allow 7-10 business days for mail delivery."

Will it really take that long for it to get to the bunker from Champaign? I can drive that in about ninety minutes.

If it's actually in the mail now, it'll probably be here Wednesday--assuming a day for pickup, a day for processing and transit, and a day for delivery.

Okay, that works.

* * *

Mom recipe for goulash doesn't say to add paprika. I didn't add much--a bit more than the amount of pepper I added--but I do believe it adds to the flavor. I also didn't add salt, since I used canned tomatos.

If I had not spent the day in a coma I might have had it for lunch instead of dinner. All I've eaten today other than goulash is a couple of peanut butter sandwiches.

In retrospect, I realize that this is the kind of food I was craving the other week when I had decided I was sick of all the fast food in the world and settled for a gyro. What I wanted was goulash.

That's a mighty fine-tasting piece of chuck roast, too.

* * *

Okay, this Internet thing is officially become stupid. I tabbed over to check the weather, and was treated to a banner ad featuring a sneezing baseball. A sneezing baseball that blew off its own skin in the process.

Where's me shootin' iron?

...not here. Fine.

Where's me TIRE iron?

* * *

I think half the reason I fell into such a deep coma this afternoon (other than, y'know, not sleeping last night) is how blissfully cool it is outside. With the windows open and the fans running it's pleasant inside.

* * *

As I fell asleep this afternoon I was thinking about the brake hoses in the Fiero, how to tackle the job of replacing all four at the same time, and what to do about bleeding the brakes, etc. It's all stuff I've done before, and it was more a review of procedure than anything else.

The last thought I had on the subject was a musing on the performance of the braking system. The system is supposed to work better than it does even without the one caliper being stuck on, and I'm hoping that replacing the lines will help fix that problem.

I have a job I've got to go apply for--Walt's wants a "receiving/warehouse" guy, which aligns perfectly with my most recent job--but once I'm done applying for it, it would behoove me to go get the friggin' parts for the Fiero and fix the thing so I can drive it while it's still not freezing and snowing outside. Shit.

The job's hours (according to what I saw posted on the door yesterday) are 6 AM to 2 PM, which I can handle, and it involves all the kinds of things I did at Target. The odd thing was that they specifically want someone "over 28 years of age" which I find just a tad strange; I wonder why?

Well, it's not my problem; my problem is to get over there tomorrow morning looking a little GQ and fill out an application, dang it. The papers and the web sites are yielding little fruit, and this is right up my alley, so WTF.

* * *

As for right now, however, I'm going to play WoW.

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