atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2898: There's nothing but junk today

How kind of the Internet to match how I'm feeling: crummy, listless, jumbled and probably just a bit aphasic.

* * *

First a shout out to Sailor V: The secret lives of metal detector guys. Maybe that should be in quotes. I don't know.

* * *

There is a river under the Amazon River and it's about 3% of the size of the one up top. Expect to see crappy movies about subterranean Amazons.

* * *

Japanese company makes suggests its employees cut their hair. (The comments say that the haircuts are a suggestion, not a requirement, hence the strikeout.)

WTF, why not make the men get buzz cuts? You can dry your hair with a towel in seconds when it's that short.

They should have picked a cuter model for the female hairstyle. See's cute enough but the hairstyle doesn't suit her.

* * *

More about the push to normalize pedophilia and ephebophilia and by the way, that last one is never mentioned. Why?

"Ephebophilia" is when an adult is attracted to adolescents. Okay, if she's sixteen and you dig her, you're an ephebophile. Got it?, I don't understand it either. Then again, I feel like a zombie today.

What I do understand is that the exact same arguments in favor of normalizing homosexuality are being used--as people predicted years ago!--in favor of normalizing pedophilia.

So that proves something but--again--my brain is too non-functional for me to enumerate it. Why am I even out of bed? What did I do wrong? I thought I slept pretty well!

* * *

Hitler's had enough SCoaMF.

I wanted to embed it, but LJ won't let me. Arg.

...I don't know what it means for this blog that I've finally broken down and tried to post one of these things. I've been meaning to watch the movie this clip comes from but even after someone mentioned the actual title of it, I forgot it, and haven't done squat.

I can't even keep my eyes open.

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