atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2902: Well, I was wrong!

I said "Wednesday" and I was pretty sure I was being pessimistic. I wasn't; I was being optimistic.

I mean, WTF: Champaign is less than two hours' drive from here. Based on past performance I assumed that three days was plenty of time, and it even assumed pickup of the mail there on Monday, not Sunday, because the post office doesn't operate on Sundays.

Yet they've managed, somehow, to fail to meet even this level of performance.

UPS can get a laptop from Ohio to my door in a day, which is some seven times farther and three times faster than USPS can move a letter.

Definitely time for us to privatise the mail service.

* * *

Pissed off and frustrated at this--more than I ought to be--I went and ordered the brake hoses for the Fiero. It ended up running me $92 and change for a complete set thanks to the "$20 off a $100 purchase" coupon I happened to have from them. The closer you get to the master cylinder, the more expensive they get; so the RR hose is $15 and the LF hose is $30. WTF.

Anyway, I was thinking of replacing the brake hoses when I got the car in 2002; I figured since one is bad I ought to do them all, and F it. That way I only have to bleed the brake system once.

* * *

Anyway I was sitting at the computer and trying to decide what to do; and finally I just decided I'd lay down. But after laying in bed a while I realized I had a hankering for some General Tao's I got up, ordered it, and went off to pick it up.

As I was leaving there, a guy was coming out of the tattoo shop there, and he looked kind of like "King Tut" from the 1960s Batman TV show, but he had one of those "punch handle" beards--you know, the straggly, spanish-moss like growth from the chin, which is usually long enough that you could grab it and hang onto it while you punched him in the face until candy came out.

But why would you want to grab that thing? At least, without gloves on? Ick. I guess in a fight you wouldn't have time to be squeamish.

* * *

After it cools off a bit outside I'm going to go fiddle with the Suzuki a bit. Right now, WoW.

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