atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2904: I am certain Dad turned over in his grave tonight.

So after the power came back on, I decided I ought to have some tunage; I moved the old Detrola CD/radio/tape/LP thing Dad bought in like 2000-something into the family room, in order to listen to music while I worked. Why not? It doesn't weigh much.

So there I was, working on the bike, with Gerald Albright playing. Damn it, if I'm going to have his songs going through my head, I'm going to play them. So I was enjoying the music and working along.

I remembered what I had to do last time to get the bike running: I had to set the points so that they were just opening when the timing marks were aligned. That's right! That 0.033 gap is not set at the timing marks! DUHHH!!!!!

Anyway, so track 4, "Desire", is playing, and the spark I'm getting is nice and fat and hot, so I screw in the spark plug and hook it up and turn it on and kick it over--


--and she fired right up, to my surprise, and ran for about three or four seconds while I wiped the astonished look off my face and remembered that this bike has no engine cutoff switch, and you have to turn the key to "off" to kill the motor.

So then I got off the bike, sat down alongside it, and laughed.

The cats--who had been idling around curiously--evaporated the instant the bike started, of course.

It's bad enough that I'm working on the motorcycle inside the house, in the family room. I've done something like that only one other time--in 1989, when I was trying to sell a go kart, I worked on it in the family room because it was December and it was fucking cold outside. That was bad enough; Dad sternly told me not to start the thing inside the house. what do I do after he and Mom pass away? I start a motorcycle in the house.

And I sat there and laughed, and laughed, and apologized to Dad, and laughed some more.

So I put the CD player on pause and called Sailor V and told him about it; and we had a jolly good laugh.

Well, you know...somebody had to do it. Dad cautioned us all those years about this and that and the other thing, all things none of us would ever do. So one of us had to.


* * *

I'm not particularly worried about the carpet. We're going to tear up the carpeting and the tile underneath it, and have wood floors put in; and anyway I put down cardboard and the astroturf rug I sit on outside when working on vehicles. So all I have to do is vacuum....

This motorcycle never had turn signals, as far as I know. I'd have to dig out the pictures of it from 1972, when it was new, to know for certain, but God alone knows where the hell those are. I can see how they mount to the taillight assembly, but this one never had 'em.

Checking Ebay--

Found the piston rings for $13 shipped, so I jumped on that.

...found a used speedo for $17 shipped, so I jumped on that. Are you kidding? The lowest price I've seen for a used speedo for this bike was $40!

...I'm going to go play WoW now.

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