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#2906: How to know when you've done something right.

So I reset the needle on the bike's carb to one notch leaner; then I rolled it out onto the patio, switched on the ignition, and she fired right up.

I mean, right up, on the first kick, like she'd just been running. Let off the choke and she didn't even falter.

...I may need to lean it all the way out. I'll run it for a while like this, though, and have a gander at the spark plug, before I do that.

Next up, of course, is to do the fine adjustment; but after a few circuits of the back yard I had to turn down the idle (by several turns!) to keep the thing from idling 'way too high.

Then I took a couple of illicit spins around the block. It's still bogging at low speed, though it seems just a hair better than it was. I have to keep reminding myself that the engine makes 12 hp...when the piston has two rings, the engine is in perfect tune, and the thing is running at 5,700 RPM.

Okay: somewhere around here I have video of me riding the bike in 1992-ish. It shows me kicking and kicking and kicking and kicking to get it started; then having to sit there with the choke on as the bike sputters and struggles to keep running. After too much time elapses I can twist the throttle without the thing dying, but it's still not ready to go; and it takes a couple of minutes of this (including several restarts) before it'll stay running without the choke on.

Contrast that, then, to how it is now: I put the choke on, kick it over, and it starts. This is how it ought to be. I believe the thing is still running too rich, though, since I don't need to have the choke on for more than a few seconds before I can ride off. Being an air-cooled two-stroke, I shouldn't have to have the choke on for long, but it for damn sure should be on longer than that.

So I mull the possibility of having someone do the fine adjustments on it, both the points and the carb. That would get the most out of the engine. We'll see.

* * *

First task for tomorrow: GO GET THE "M" ADDED TO MY LICENSE! That's right; the completion card came today while I was at therapy. Woohoo etc.

About damn time. Tomorrow will be three weeks since I finished the course.

...then I'll stop on the way home to pick up the Fiero brake hoses and some hardware to hold the license plate on the bike. After that, I'm going to ride my motorcycle to the gas station and fill up the tank! Legally! Whee!!!

* * *

And I just bought a speedometer cable, remanufactured, from some guy in Taiwan. Estimated arrival: Sep 21-Oct 8. LOL.

* * *

Oh--I also discovered, last night, that the "broken" exhaust stud is in fact a missing exhaust stud. It's a weirdie, which is why I can't go get one from Ace: it's one size where it screws into the cylinder, but another, smaller size where the exhaust mounts. I'm gonna have to consult Og on this one.

...especially since the one match on Ebay for the part is $19.99 before shipping. (Which is itself $6.99.)

Um, no. I am not going to pay $27 for a freaking $0.89 bolt, and I hope no one does. WTF.

* * *

Man, it is just crappy hot out there, and since it took me so long to get the AC on today it's still crappy hot inside. I turned on the AC at 3 before I got in the shower, and by the time I got home from therapy after 4:30 it had only gotten down to 84° in the house.

Well: it's only for a few days, they say. It's not going to be like July, where I had to run the AC for ten days straight. (Projected high for Monday: 67°. Thirty degrees cooler than it is right now.)

* * *

That's really all I've got for now. I guess it's time for WoW.

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