atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2910: A bunch of little parts

Thanks to the link Og found 'way back in June for the place that sold me the rotor removal tool, I have been able to find a lot of the little parts I need for the Suzuki.

The exhaust stud, for example. From this place, it's $3 rather than $27. I also got the exhaust gasket, a new plug and gasket for the open cleanout bung on the muffler, a replacement return spring for the rear brakes (one is missing), and a new oil seal to replace the leaky-ass one on the shift lever.

Total: $32 with shipping. They have a minimum order of $20, but these are all parts I need for the bike, so WTF.

One of the really convenient (and dangerous) things about that site is that they have the exploded diagrams of all the parts of the bike, on-line, with parts cross-referenced and clickable. All you have to do is find the part you need in the drawing, and click on the associated number. It takes you to a description page; and if you want the part, click "add to shopping cart".

But if you want your motorcycle to be right, not just operable, this is the kind of resource you really need.

This page has everything I wanted to know about the turn signals on the bike.

There are a couple other "options" pages; it turns out the bike has the capability to have a center stand. There's a way to mount both a tach (mechanical) and a speedo at the same time. There are other neat things buried in the drawings, too.

So I've spent $13+$17+$24+$32 on parts this week for the motorcycle--about $90--in addition to the $92 I spent for Fiero parts.

...this has been an expensive week, vehicle-wise.

I need to get a job soon.

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