atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2911: Saturday, and I'm sleepy

I'm always sleepy. WTF.

...except, that is, when I ought to be. I couldn't sleep last night again and didn't fall asleep until after the sun began to rise.

At least it's cooler today than it was yesterday; but the projected high is still 90 and there's no f-ing way I'm going to do anything very strenuous outside.

Cutting the grass will wait until Monday or Tuesday, depending on how much rain we get (if any) and when. But Monday's projected high is in the sixties.

* * *

Justice does happen, sometimes, if only by accident. Congratulations, New London! Your greed has cost you! In your attempt to get more property tax out of a parcel of land, you've turned it into a tax-free wasteland!

I can't help pointing and laughing at that. Kelo v New London was a travesty and a horrid perversion of the concept of eminent domain.

* * *

Obama wants to be re-elected and the EPA is making that more difficult for him; so now we see him telling the EPA, "Hey, G, cool it for a year or two, you know what I'm sayin'?"

* * *

Shamelessly stolen from Wonderduck:

I mean, it's Yuki. What else can I do?

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