atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2912: So much for my perfect score.

I lost a game of Freecell.

I was playing along, clicking cards into the free cells; and then the game popped up the dialogue that gives you the choice between "lose the game" and "go back to the game and hit 'undo' a lot". Since the "lose the game" was right under my mouse pointer and I was still clicking, guess what happened?


8993/8994 is not 99%; it's 99.988881476539915499221703357794%, damn it. And anyway, I restarted the same game and won it handily.

So my statistics are fucked now. I might as well get a new computer....

* * *

(I had thought, facetiously, that after I hit 10,000 games I'd get a new machine. *sigh*)

* * *

Incidentally, new brain bucket:

...for the princely sum of $50, as part of...something else...I'm going to discuss in a day or two.

Not exactly the design I would have chosen, but a brand-new helmet runs $100-$150 for a decent basic helmet; and it goes up from there, all the way to $YEECH! And technically a full-face helmet is safer than the modular helmet I wanted to I spend less and get a safer helmet to boot, one that's basically new. How can I go wrong?

Yes it fits very well. I'll look kind of weird riding the Suzuki with that thing on, but WTF it's a motorcycle, right? I don't care how it looks. Maybe it'll make people notice me: "OMG that's so hilarious, that big fancy helmet and he's on that little dirt bike!" Heh.

The other thing is, the piston rings arrived today. That was fast! So when I re-adjust the carb, I'm going to take 15 more minutes or so and install the new piston rings. Heh.

Anyway, after I've got a job I'll look into getting the helmet vinyl wrapped, maybe with pictures of Yuki Nagato a la the Japanese itasha:

("Itasha" is a typical Japanese condensed compound word; it combines the first syllable of "itai", "it hurts", and one word for "car". The result is a neologism meaning "painful car".)

* * *

Anyway, having gotten maybe 6 hours of sleep and then spent my afternoon hanging out at Og's place, watching him and Partner put a fuel pump in Exploder 1.0 (which is to be the Oglet's Exploder once it's fixed) I'm pretty worn out. Maybe if I go to bed now I'll sleep tonight and be able to go to church in the morning.

Ha! I am a humorist! *sigh*

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