atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2915: I am not looking forward to this week.

Markets in Europe are in free fall. The futures for our markets here are...not good.

The situation in Greece seems to be the proximate cause; but like a herd of nervous cattle it really didn't need any specific trigger. Any trigger would cause a stampede: a nearby stroke of lightning, someone firing a gun, a pickup truck backfiring, one cow being stung by a bee.

* * *

Ace talks about Obama's most recent nonsense. Then explains that apparently the guys who are in charge of saying whether or not we're in a recession don't actually have to pay attention to facts and figures.


* * *

Build a tiny house.

The plans for some of these places cost almost $900. WTF. I'd wager I could design a place like that myself, given sufficient motivation. It's not like you're trying to build a freakin' Saturn V; it's a house, a box to keep the weather off your head. Plumbing and electrical will be the hard part, and that really isn't that hard to deal with.

Kind of a neat idea, though.

* * *

I had to go downstairs and get sweats, because it's actually chilly in here.

* * *

I haven't really got much else. My plans to fix something today are on hold while I decide what I want to fix and whether or not I actually slept well enough to have the energy to fix it. Right now I'm leaning towards "motorcycle", though, because that would be the easiest project to undertake.

...well, actually, going back to bed and sleeping some more would be easier. Heh.

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