atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2919: RTFM, douchebag!

*sigh*'s not their fault; it's mine. I mean, I know what the word "superseded" means; WTF, I've had a career writing service manuals. Believe me, I know.

So when I got my order from Alpha Sports today, containing all the little fiddlybits for the Suzuki, I was not angry at anyone but myself that I got the wrong part.

Even before I checked their web site. I was certain that I'd ordered the wrong thing; well, that was right, but for the wrong reasons.

If you go here and then navigate to "1972", select "TS90" (Honcho) & TC90 (Blazer)" , and then pick "muffler", you get an exploded diagram of the muffler. Click on #14 "09108-06028 STUD BOLT" and it takes you to this page which has a part number, description, price, a quantity field, and a button which is basically "add to shopping cart".

I didn't read all that; I just clicked "add to shopping cart". Otherwise I might have wondered if "Part# 09116-06161 supersedes: 09108-06028" meant I wasn't getting quite what I needed.

Everything is 100% correct. They even included a Charms Blow Pop--sour apple, my favorite flavor of that confection--in the box. It's not their fault I got the wrong damn part.


I tried it anyway; it's not going to work.

What I need to do, then, is to find a threaded insert to go into the cylinder block into which this bolt will seat. That will work. Or I need to see if I can find the appropriate stud, which is one size where it threads into the block and another, smaller size where the muffler screws on.


* * *

Anyway, everything else is right, so I can get the muffler mostly sealed to the cylinder. I'm going to pull the stud off (not today) and go to the hardware store in hopes of finding either a stepped stud of the right size, or finding a threaded insert that will fit both hole and bolt.

I am not optimistic. Seems to me I went through this exercise before (in 1992) and was unsuccessful then.

I say "not today" because I just got in from cutting the grass; I'm hungry and want to make dinner (ravioli) which means making pasta sauce first.

...who knows? I may pull the motorcycle into the family room again and work on it tonight, if I have the gumption. Lord knows I don't feel like doing much of anything else. Stupid ennui.

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