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#2920: That's so much better

Dinner was ravioli; and once dinner was done I had to freeze the rest of the sauce. That turned into cleaning the kitchen--at least the sink and stove, and getting the dishes washed--and taking out the garbage.

I also got my laundry done. And as previously stated I cut the grass this afternoon.

Busy day, eh?

* * *

Running Erogami around Kalimdor, I got her up to 35th level and am now questing in Southern Barrens. Her primary spec is protection (tanking) and I've tanked exactly one instance with her so far, but plan to do more.

* * *

A very clever serial killer sends another "postcard" to authorities.

Sorry: if they are all right feet and they're all in rubber-soled shoes and-and-and, it's something other than sheer coincidence.

* * *

So while playing WoW this evening I had a hankering to listen to some of the old anime music; so I pulled out the stack of mix CDs I made in the late 1990s and put in the first of them.

It's a compilation of music from Tenchi Muyo!, the Ranma 1/2 OVAs, and the Oh! My Goddess! OVAs.

To my surprise, I can still sing "My Heart--Iidasenai", the OP for O!MG!, in Japanese, despite not hearing the song for several years at least. Those neural pathways are hard-wired; I'll be 96 and in the nursing home, unable to feed myself but still able to sing that song.

...but I find myself listening to one disk right now because the first song on it is called "Ano Hi Ni" and I cannot remember what series it's from. Using Google would be cheating; I had hoped that listening to it would jog my meory, but it hasn't.

I'm going to feel f-ing stupid when I Google it and find out what it is. *sigh* Here goes...


It's the end theme from Video Girl Ai; no wonder I don't remember it.

See, here's what happened:

The year was 1998, and in order to get fansubs you had to send a money order to a fansub distributor with a list of what you wanted from them. A couple weeks later you'd get a thick padded envelope of VHS cassettes, jam-packed with copies of fansubs.

I didn't have time for all that; I was working my butt off in my brand-new career as a technical writer, so I asked Darla (who was, in two years' time, going to be my girlfriend; but at the time she was just a friend) to do it. She didn't have a job; her days were filled with approximately whatever the hell she wanted to do because she was living off a chunk of money from her grandmother.

She lived right down the street from the post office, and she usually walked to downtown Marion, IA, for lunch anyway, so it wouldn't have taken her much time to stop at the P.O. and get a money order for the $36 for six tapes, etc, and mail the order to whoever the hell it was I wanted her to order from.

Among the titles I wanted were the six (I think it was six) episodes of Video Girl Ai, fansubbed by some group. I saw the fansub of the first ep at AnimeIowa '97 and liked it, so I wanted to see more of it.

But she delayed and delayed, and next thing I know the title was licensed by Viz Video and removed from fansub distribution. She said she'd buy me the commercial release since she'd procrastinated so long. the first tape, watched it, and never watched more. The Viz translation was incredibly shitty.

There's this one scene at the very beginning of the series, where the main character and the girl he's in love with are having a conversation over cans of coffee at a vending kiosk. They're having a light-hearted conversation and the topic turns to, "Who are you in love with?"

The guy's nervous about it but he's going to go ahead and confess...until the girl says that she's in love with his best friend.

To give himself a chance to come up with something to say, he takes a drink of his coffee. Then he speaks.

Fansub: "This sure is bitter." This line is perfect. Think about it: he's just learned that the girl he loves is infatuated with his best friend. The conversation is such that his line is ostensibly about the coffee, but in fact it's about the situation.

Viz translation: "I sure wasn't expecting this."


NO SHIT, SHERLOCK. Of course he wasn't expecting it! We don't need to be told that. They took a wonderful, dramatic moment and ruined it.

I never got another tape in that series. I never watched that tape again. I haven't watched any Video Girl Ai since 1998.

VGA was the series that the artist behind I"s did before that one. The backgrounds in VGA are incredible, just like in I"s. While I followed the manga religiously, I lost track of it in 2004.

* * *

One song I've wanted to get--and cannot find--is the English version of "Konya wa Hurricane". In general I have little use for Bubblegum Crisis and its spinoff AD Police (and the dubs are flat-out horrible) but I really, really like the English dub version of the signature song of the series.

As far as I know, the only way to get it is to run the tape and digitize the song, and deal with the bits of dialogue and sound effects that occur. *sigh*

The real holy grail, though, of anime music for me is the OST for Laughing Target.

I've got the OP; that was just a matter of playing the tape and digitizing the audio, and I did that years ago. But there's another piece of music that I would desperately love to have from that OVA.

It's the music that plays in the flashback sequence showing Asuza as a little girl, being chased by some (faceless) boys, and their attempted sexual abuse of her. ("Attempted" because...well...Asuza is "special". No spoilers here!) The whole scene plays out in a kind of sepia tone, until the blood starts flying, at which point we see a blood red sun behind a bare tree with crows in it--anyway, the music that plays during that scene is great and the scene itself is pretty f-ing creepy.

(A lot of people were seriously unhappy with the way Laughing Target was animated. Darla couldn't stand to watch it a second time and I still love it even though I've seen it so often I almost know the dialogue by Japanese.)

But I'm starting to suspect that the OST for that OVA doesn't exist. I've got the OSTs for the other "Rumic World" OVAs--Mermaid Forest and Fire Tripper, at least--and I think there's an OST for Maris the Choujo but I can't remember if I have it or not.

But I have never even seen evidence of the existence of a Laughing Target OST. Same as the English dub OST for Bubblegum Crisis.

Well, that's how it goes, I guess. There isn't an OST for Timerider, either, because at the time Michael Nesmith wasn't allowing the release of OSTs for his movies. It sucks to be a fan, sometimes.

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