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#2923: OMG Lucy

The Fairy Tail OVA has hit the torrents. WILL YOU LOOK AT THIS?


While I cannot deny the essential hotness of Lucy, I have to paraphrase here the comment I left there: Why isn't it Erza?

* * *

The life of Monica Lewinsky, post-Clinton, provides an interesting glimpse at the anthropology of modern humans. (...sentient primates in general, actually, I'd wager.)

Here is the problem:

Men prefer their women to be virgins. Okay, that's not exactly so, but it's pretty close to the mark. Society looks down on a promiscuous woman where it looks up to a promiscuous man: compare the number of words we have that approximate "slut" with the number of words which have the same connotation for men. We're generally forced to invent new words ("man-slut") when we want to convey a negative connotation of a man who has a lot of sex; we take the words which mean "overly promiscuous female" and masculinize them one way or another, because there are simply no well-known words which do the job.

A woman who is well-known to have been used as a plaything is less valuable in the mating game. Monica Lewinsky has no "plausible deniability"; everyone knows what she did with Clinton in the Oval Office. Everyone. Men look at her and think, "She sucked Clinton's...oh, I'm not kissing that mouth."

Clinton himself is partly to blame. You can debate the level of "alphaness" of Bill Clinton, but what it comes down to is that he's a pretty creepy guy. It wasn't obvious (to most people) until after he left the White House, but the older he gets, the creepier the entire imbroglio seems.

Lewinsky herself is also to blame. Having had a fling with the President of the United States, how can she "settle" for a lesser man? "The publicity over her affair with Clinton ruined her chances of ever finding a decent guy." ...sure, if that "decent guy" is another coastal elite in the financial-political-ruling class. There are probably plenty of guys out there who'd be fine with her past, but those guys don't live where all the "cool" people do and they probably drive pickup trucks rather than high-end Beemers.

I don't have much sympathy for her, to be honest. I mean, it was not exactly a secret that Bill Clinton was married, you know? On the other hand, wealth and power--to a young woman--is as sexy as a great rack is for a guy. Clinton knew what he was doing, and used his position to score with a girl at the office...but he couldn't have scored if she hadn't been willing, and stupid to boot.

This kind of thing has happened throughout history, and will continue to happen, precisely because women are hard-wired to rationalize everything, particularly when it comes to sex. The race couldn't continue if they didn't; a woman might have one child but that would be it because of how inconvenient and painful it is...if they didn't have that amazingly powerful ability to rationalize even the patently ludicrous.

Such as, "I know he's married but he doesn't love her. He loves me but he can't divorce his wife because the scandal will ruin his career but as soon as he doesn't need her to be his wife he'll divorce her and we'll be together forever! So it's fine for us to have sex in his office after hours, and keep it a secret from everybody, because someday I'll be his wife!"

* * *

Sexist? You bet your ass. Reality doesn't give a rat's crapper about your feelings.

* * *

Iran says 9/11 was an inside job. Think about this: what does it get an ostensible islamic oligarchy to lie about a victory for jihad?

...that "ostensible islamic oligarchy" is, in fact, ruling a nation of people who would much rather toss the ayatollahs overboard and have a real democratic republic. Denying the islamic victory gives them a lever to tell their people, "the Jews did it/they did it to themselves in order to manufacture an excuse to go to war here."

It is, however, more of the "truther" conspiracy bullshit. I don't bother to discuss that crap here (the same way I don't discuss the "moon landing hoax" crap) because I have neither the time nor the energy to deal with the insane ramblings of stupid people.

* * *

Sure, power demand is falling. It has nothing to do with rising rates for electricity or the shittiest economy since 1930; oh, no! No, it's because people are buying CFLs!

* * *

If you read the fine print you may be surprised at what comes out of it.

Look: if you need to rent a truck at the same time 40,000 other people need to rent a truck, expect that you'll be paying a premium on it. I don't think U-Haul is totally in the right here, but I'd wager they're adhering to the letter of the contract they provide. If you don't read it and you sign it, guess what, bucko?

Instead of renting a truck the same weekend everyone else in Boston is renting a truck, why don't you make some plans for how to accomplish the task another day? Oh, but poor junior might have to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag for a couple days, instead of his comfy bed! Oh, the horror!


* * *

Please remain seated in your DOOM! buggy.

* * *

"The new Mumia." We don't need a new one; we still have the old one.

For those of you who don't know WTF I (and Ann) am talking about:

Mumia Abu Jamal is a convicted cop-killer. There was enough evidence of intent, motive, opportunity, and action to convict him and garner the death penalty for it.

But the leftists (including a bunch of Hollywood idiots) sprang to his defense, calling him a "political prisoner" and agitating for his release. He had his own radio show (from prison) and did a bunch of other stuff, and the lefties were all up in arms over this poor, poor, mistreated cop murderer.

I mean, after all, it was self defense or something, right? I mean, he's a black guy, and the cop was white, and everyone knows the cops are raciss, and just by being there that white cop nazi fucker was obviously oppressing him, so naturally he had no choice but to fight back! It's just that cop's tough luck that he was there when Mumia began fighting back agains the raciss oppression his people have suffered all these years and shit! Don't you know how many slaves died on the way here from Africa? one of the interminable pre-execution appeals, his sentence was reduced to life in prison, which was probably one of the most heinous travesties of justice of the 20th century.

* * *

Unions doing what they do best. Using violence and intimidation and mob tactics to get what they want.

* * *

Wow, this is unexpected. AoSHQ: "...seems like someone must have gotten a search warrant without running it by Eric Holder."

There's something dirty about Solyndra, and it looks like the FBI is actually going to investigate. It'll be interesting to see how the Eric Holder Justice Dept (read "the most corrupt Justice Dept in the past 40 years") handles this....

* * *

We have to outlaw dangerous knives so criminals won't have easy access to them! up: banning "dangerous hammers" and "dangerous screwdrivers" and "dangerous pointed sticks".... (Shut up!)

* * *

A cookie for anyone who got that. (A virtual, Internet cookie, I mean. Sorry; I'm on a budget.)

* * *

The speedometer I bought from Ebay came today, and my feedback is going to include "item not as pictured."

The one in the ad has a clear face and looks clean. The one I got has about a tablespoon's worth of rust in it and is filthy; you can barely see the dial through the crud.

I think I can take this thing and restore it--and I did, after all, pay only $10 for it--but an honest pic of the thing wouldn't have hurt.


* * *

This evening--in about 1.5 hours--I'm going back over to Og's place to work on the GS450T again. I'm going to stop and get some gas for it, and we'll see if I can't get the thing started this evening even if I can't ride it home yet.

...not without a fresh battery; and I need to see what kind of battery it has so I can order one.

* * *

Last night I started a tauren druid named "Changesforms"; and I'm having fun.

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