atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2924: NOT going to Og's tonight

He's got stuff going on. *sigh* But that's okay! I've got other things to occupy me, too! this speedometer. I've gotten it apart, and when I got the housing off about a half-cup of CRAP came out. It was full of rust and bug parts and spiderwebs; the "speedometer" part of the thing doesn't work at all and the housing is crap.

The Ebay description said, "it works", but it doesn't work. It's restorable but it sure as hell doesn't work right out of the box.

I'm not going to return it, esp. since I tore it completely apart. I'm hoping I can take parts from this unit and parts from the one on the bike and somehow bodge together a functioning whole that looks decent.

Besides that, I e-mailed Og asking for a model year and battery type for the bike. I'm thinking I'll order a battery from and get that in process, anyway.

But maybe I don't have to; he said it was starting to take a charge, so we'll see.

* * *

So Steven posted this:

It's not as good as the ones of Lucy but it's still damned good. *drool*

* * *

Just put in another one of the old anime OST compilation CDs. The first track on this disk is vintage 1999; it's the TV length OP from Yawara! and it sounds fantastic.

...digitized from hi-fi VHS, but it's in stereo and the S/N ratio is CD-level. There's no excuse for Kimagure Orange Road being mono, damn it.

* * *

There are rumors of a "credible threat" of some kind of islamic terrorist commemoration of 9/11/01 on 9/11/11.

...we'll see.

* * *

Off-again-on-again-Og is saying, "Hey, come on by, it's fine." So, off I go. Heh.

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