atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2926: It's not even restorable

The speedometer's back plate is so rusty the rubber housings for the backlight bulbs are rusted in place. They wouldn't move, not even with pliers, until the rubber back broke off; then I could push them through the wrong way, but still not get them out.

These bulbs are for indicator lights, so they're housed in metal tubes; the metal tubes were so badly rusted they crumbled.

So what have I got? I've got a good faceplate and needle (both which are missing from the bike) and some good 6v indicator bulbs. I've got a speedo wiring harness with only one intact socket. I've got two bezels, one which is kind of crummy and one which is rusted and needs painting inside.

I took the speedo off the bike and disassembled it. It's got no pinion for the needle; and of course the speedo/odometer mechanical assembly is designed to be put together and never taken apart again.

So: I've got one assembly which would work the way it's supposed to if there were a way to attach the needle; I've got another assembly which has a place to put the needle but which is so gunked up with rust and crud that it's jammed.

You know how speedometers work: there's a rotating magnet on one side, attached to the cable, and the other side is a freely-rotating steel disk, attached to a stationary point with a carefully-calibrated clock spring. When the magnet turns, it pulls on the disk, and depending on how fast the magnet turns the disk deflects a certain number of degrees. No problem.

...except if the magnet has collected rust flakes and other shit, it jams up against the steel disk, and the whole thing ends up locked together.

So what I'll have to do is put the jammed assembly in a vise and carefully bend back the tiny bits of metal which stake the front plate in place, so I can remove the thing; then I can see if I can clean the gunk out of the magnetic coupling. At the very least I'll see what I have to do to fix the assembly that works but has no pinion.

Then all I have to do is figure out how to calibrate the f-ing thing. *sigh*

I sure would like to go back in time, find the person that mangled the shit out of this motorcycle and didn't fix it correctly, and kick his ass. WTF.

* * *

"Pretty decent shape." "Not sure if it works."

Well, I guess that's why it was $10. *sigh*

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