atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2931: So it's been ten years.



2010 though it's not a dedicated post this time.

But that first link, the entry from 2006, that one is pretty much all I need to say.

I probably ought to write a fresh retrospective, and tell the story again, but nothing has changed: those camel-humping motherfuckers attacked our country because their backwards, antiquated death cult told them to. 3,000 innocent people died because their cult tells them to kill or subjugate those who won't convert to islam.

And the islamic world celebrated.

None of the islamists showed any contrition or embarassment for this atrocity. None of the leaders of the death cult got up and said, "This is unconscionable; this is not islam."

They remained silent.

No matter how much some people would love to wish the fact away, it remains that islam is at war with the United States and has been for much longer than ten years. The opening salvo of this war came on November 4, 1979, when terrorists (including the sitting President of Iran!) seized the American embassy in Tehran.

9/11/01 was just a successful attack in a larger war; it was not the beginning...and the fall of Saddam Hussein was not the end. We're not fighting in a way that will win the war, because other nations won't like us if we do; most of the time we're not even fighting.

That's really got to change if we're going to have any hope of winning. Iran is girding itself for nuclear war, and all we're doing is watching and wagging our fingers and saying, "If you do that, we're really going to be mad!" ...and we do nothing; and when the day comes that a mushroom cloud sprouts over Tel Aviv or Jerusalem or New York City or Washington, D.C., all the pundits are going to be slack-jawed in astonishment that they actually attacked us!

Our government has used the attack as an excuse to ignore the Bill of Rights; the Fourth Amendment is already getting worn mighty thin, and where one falls the others can not be far behind--a fact that escapes those who want to ban guns.

"Ten years ago"? 9/11/01 was ten years ago. But the dangers are still here.

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