atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2932: My motorcycle is home

There it sits, behind the Fiero, in my garage. (The stuff on the ground is leakage from the dirt bike, which needs new seals and gaskets.)

Yes, the $5 check valve did the trick. Instead of riding it around in "prime" and then installing the check valve, I just went ahead and plumbed the check valve into the vacuum line, then took it for a spin. It wasn't running right at first, and I thought, Oh, shit... but then I realized that we hadn't put much fuel in it on Friday night; so I switched it to "reserve" and she ran just fine. Heartened, I set out on a series of test rides.

Around the block: no problem.

Around a bigger block, including a spin down part of Route 30: no problem.

Back to Og's, then about a block down 41 to the gas station to fill the tank, and then back after switching the petcock to "on": no problem.

Wrote a check, got the title, etc.

From Og's cave to the bunker: no problem, except while waiting for a traffic light I tried to make sure the choke was off and turned it all the way on instead, thus killing the engine. *sigh* Pulled the choke off and she started right back up, and I rode the rest of the way home without incident.

Believe me, I'll take a failure caused by user error. My ego can take it.

The trip was mostly back roads, except for Steger Road; I had to ride about 2.5 miles at 45, which was just a little nerve-wracking for me since I'm not really used to going that fast on a motorcycle. I had to use sixth gear--so much for my "I won't be using that one for a while!" notion--but the bike is geared lower than I expected.

The redline is 9,500 RPM and cruising at 35 MPH in 5th gear you're pulling 3,500 RPM. It's designed to run fast. I have to keep reminding myself.

It's going to take some getting used to. I'm moderately comfortable riding the thing now but it'll be a little while before I feel completely comfortable on it. Being able to ride it around town, on familiar streets, will help a lot.

Today's been such a busy day, though, I'm pretty well-done at the moment. I mean, I was up at 8 AM to get to church by 8:30, so I could do my duty as a greeter; and of course I was there until the 9 AM service was over. I got home at 10:15-ish, fed the cats, had a bagel, and waited for Og to e-mail while I did my blogging and such. After getting his e-mail I finished my stuff and left here at 11:30 to get over to his place and do as I have already discussed in this post.

...wasn't time to eat before church, and all I'd had was the bagel afterwards; so I stopped at Wendy's and got food, and ate it before starting on the bike.

"Well-done": I feel like limp pasta. I think I'm going to take a nap....

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