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#2936: I forgot to tell the rest of the story

Yesterday--man, WTF is it about Mondays? I'm unemployed and--

...went back to the insurance agent after blogging and stuff, and got my insurance switched. It turned out that insuring the GS450T costs the same as insuring the TS90; since I was there to change the coverage to the road bike, I didn't have to shell out more money.

After the business was done, I kind of sagged into my seat, unable to move. I chatted with the agent for a few moments until I'd gotten enough gumption to shift my bones, and did so.

Once I got home, I laid down for a bit to rest, intending to get up in a few and go do some auto and motorcycle maintenance; but I feel asleep and slept, like a man drugged, until after dark.
So much for the maintenance stuff; I defrosted a serving of spaghetti sauce and had ravioli for dinner, then played WoW for a while.

Today is Tuesday; and tonight is the first session of a new Bible study course, so I'm going to church tonight. I don't have the time or energy to do any car work, which means it gets put off another day...and it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Rain has been predicted for this week since last week, but the day keeps changing. First it was Tuesday, then it was Thursday; now it's Wednesday. It's kind of funny.

Yesterday marked an even month since I last drove the Fiero, and since I finished the riding course; I really want to get after that project so I can drive the car before winter. *sigh*

And there's the Escort, of course. I want to fix the oil leak and get it sold, and out of the driveway. I have to finish the work on the dirt bike, so it's ready for whatever. Everything needs an oil change.

...and I'm one person with two hands. And no energy. Sheesh.

* * *

I had a bunch of tabs open; and I closed them all after reading them. None of them prompted any desire to comment. *sigh*

Seems like, lately, I have zero energy. I'm wondering if this is a symptom of my recent change in diet, ie cutting all the empty calories I used to get from drinking sugared soda all the damn time.

It used to be--every other time I've tried to do that--I'd get to a point where I was experiencing continuous hypoglycemia; my body, expecting periodic influxes of pure sugar, couldn't cope with a situation where it wasn't happening. This time I managed to get through that period, though I'm not exactly sure how I did it. I'm still having the occasional "hit" of sugared pop, such as when I go get fast food combo meals and forget to say "diet Coke" instead of "Coke", but otherwise I'm primarily drinking "unleaded" and liking it.

Heck, the last couple of weeks I haven't bought any Pepsi with sugar. I've got an entire six-pack of sugared Pepsi, and most of another, that I haven't touched in weeks; I've been buying Pepsi Max and Diet Mountain Dew, and drinking that at home exclusively. Go me.

But since I've never gotten this far before, I'm in new territory. It could easily be that this is just another phase of withdrawal. Maybe it's something else; maybe I've got a sinus infection and it's not just my allergies playing up because it's ragweed season. I don't know.

What I do know is that this is progress, and I'll take it. Going "diet" has been something I've wanted to do for more than 15 years, and it's something I've tried and tried to do, and finally I think I'm about getting to the point that I can say that I've switched to diet soft drinks for good.

...not quite ready to take the step of donating that six-pack to the food pantry, though. Heh.

Ultimately I have no idea what this will do for my waistline; it's not about that, though. It's about my metabolism, about not pouring handfuls of sugar down my throat every day. Regardless of anything else I know that's not good.

Look: I'm not one of those people who says "sugar is poison!" I'm definitely not one of those people who thinks all carbohydrates are satanic. But I do think that moderation is key and there is nothing moderate about getting all your liquid with a few tablespoons of sugar mixed in.

I do think that carbohydrates cause obesity, though. Look: when I lived in Iowa, I was dating (and then lived with) a diabetic. She was heavy, which I don't mind; but after her diabetes was diagnosed, she began controlling her carbohydrate intake according to her doctor's instructions...and she magically began to lose weight. Nothing else in her diet changed, just the careful control of carbohydrate intake...yet every so often she'd proudly say, "I lost another inch!"

(Extra-nice thing: she lost it from her waist, not her chest.) if this fatigue is a secondary effect of cutting the sugar, well, it'll get better as my body adjusts. I've been drinking sugared pop for a long time; it's foolish to assume that all the effects of ceasing that behavior will be felt in the first month. There's always a secondary (and tertiary) withdrawal from any habitual use of a substance.

But my body will adjust to sane levels of sugar intake, and I'll feel better...and be healthier in the long run.

I do find myself looking at something with sugar in it and thinking, "Do I really want that? Is it worth risking a bout of hypoglycemia?" So I tend to eat sweets that have fat in them to counterbalance the effect that the sugar will have on my metabolism. Cookies are okay; Skittles are not. Like that.

* * *

So what am I about to do? Go lie down for a few hours. Sailor V and I got to chatting via WoW last night; when we started it was 1 AM and I was working on finishing up and logging out...and the next thing we knew it was 2 AM and we were still going. Because I'd put off some chores, I had to do them before bed; I got the dishwasher loaded and took out the trash, and neatened the kitchen a bit; after taking a shower I started the dishwasher--and by the time I'd done all that and my hair had dried it was after 4 AM. I didn't get to bed before 4:30 and it took the usual hour for me to fall asleep even though I was tired. *sigh*

Woke up at 11:30; if I got as much as five hours of sleep it would amaze me. I don't want to yawn through Bible study, so I'm hitting the hay.

TL;DR: Ed's tired, as usual, and going to sleep.

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