atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2940: That's weird

As I was typing in the post number, autosuggest came up with "#2940: IT'S FRIDAY NIGHT!!!" and I thought, "Oh, God, did I misnumber again?" But I didn't.

...did I?

Anyway, here I sit with a generous helping of General Tao's Chicken. I woke up at 8:45 and called the Chinese place right away.

It's cold outside. It's cold inside. It's only 55°. It's 69° in the hallway.

Two months ago the AC was struggling to keep it below 80° in here--admittedly I had the thermostat set at 77, but still--and now I'm freezing, metaphorically speaking.

I woke up from a weird dream which included the Brady Bunch. No, I don't understand it; in the dream, Mike Brady was forced to fight this hyper-rich black guy and his son for ownership of the Brady home. His family was nowhere in evidence and I was just an observer. The fight was a combination of boxing and wrestling, in water, and when they fought in wrestling mode the black guy and his son shared a half-dozen helpers for the more dramatic wrestling moves.

The fight was slightly unfair.

...but Mike Brady had a plan! All he had to do was stall until the cleaning lady came in (not Alice; some Mexican woman) and then he'd beat them all soundly!


* * *

Running Erogami around Duskwallow Swamp last night--

At one point I ran into a quest chain where a human man treats the horde toon with contempt. Because it amused me, I used the /cry emote, and had Erogami say, "You alliance guys are all the same"

Then I headed off towards another quest target, and ran afoul of a couple of alliance guards; because it further amused me, I used the /cry emote again while fighting them and had Erogami say the "you alliance guys...!" line again.

During the fight, this chat sequence resulted:
You cry.
[Erogami] says: You alliance guys are all the same
You cry on Theramore Highway Guard's shoulder.
Theramore Highway Guard attempts to run away in fear.
When the combat was over and I saw that, I laughed.

Crying while looting the bodies--that is a broken heart, right there.

* * *

At least it's warming up in here, now that I have the computer on. Sheesh.

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