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#2948: One task done

It's a gorgeous indian summer day outside. I slept it away.

Friday was an inconvenient day. I went to bed around 6 AM and managed, I think, about 4 hours of sleep the entire day. After my lawyer friend called, I tried to get a couple more hours' sleep and failed; and after that I was awake and moving and doing.

I was surprised that I was still awake at 1 AM Saturday morning; but while playing WoW I'd had a hankering to listen to Parsons' "Turn of a Friendly Card" so I put the CD on, and that led me to listen to "Eye in the Sky", and after that I wanted to listen to "Gaudi".

The more opportunity I have to listen to my stereo system, the more impressed I become with its audio performance. The speakers I've got were cheap only because they were display models and no one else wanted them (I got them in a charity auction at Target when I worked there) but they had a pretty hefty regular price tag. I think I paid about $20 for them, but they're not cheap speakers.

KEF F15--that's the model--and they don't make them any more; it looks like if I wanted another pair of KEF speakers it would not cost me less than $250. Target sold these for around $150 and I found an on-line auction for a used pair that has a current bid of $257.

These are bookshelf speakers and they didn't come with a subwoofer. Most of my coworkers there were in their 20s, which is why these didn't garner any bids...yet they have enough bass response that a subwoofer isn't necessary most of the time.

So I was listening to Parsons and hearing stuff I had never heard before. Little things--a bit of vibrato here, a minor trill there--but it wasn't until the last track on "Turn of a Friendly Card", where the brass section comes up big for one phrase, and I could hear the brass resonate in the horns, that I realized I need to hear more.

I've been listening to APP for decades...through speakers of what I call a mid-range price and quality. Okay? If they cost $500 each, they're "insanely expensive". As a middle-aged man I can see paying perhaps as much as $150 each for a good pair of speakers, but 99.997% of the time the $90 speaker will do just fine.

Anyway, these speakers have such good highs, I can hear digital noise from the MP3 decoding process. Playing MP3s from the computer through them, they invariably sound like ass. after I was finished with my housekeeping in WoW I lay on my bed and listened to the rest of "Gaudi", and was astounded at what I could hear in the music that I did not recall hearing before. It might just be that because I usually listen to MP3s I've gotten used to hearing the version that's been processed through a codec, one that doesn't think I can hear those trills and flourishes; and anyway it requires too much bandwidth to replicate them, so out they go.

I have to wonder what I would hear if I had access to a decent turntable and could play the LPs.

Anyway, so I finally got to bed around 1 AM on Saturday and slept--as I said--until my empty stomach woke me up. I had my little adventure, and then slept until 10, when I got up and called the cemetery and church.

It'll run about $800 to place the urn atop one of our parents' burial vaults, which is...not bad, anyway. So I sent the info on to the sibs, along with an inquiry whether or not I should book a banquet hall for an after-service dinner.

That accomplished, I played a few hands of "Freecell"; and while I played, suddenly I felt my entire body--my entire existence--relax.

I'm talking about a profound release of tension, a sudden cessation of anxiety, as if a huge load had been removed from my shoulders. I don't really understand it, but the phrase "the grace of God" comes to mind.

I went back to bed and slept more, and it was a deep, restful sleep. The phone did not ring and the cats left me alone, and it was only for about four and a half hours...but I woke up feeling better than I have since Sunday.

Now I have to go shopping, because I'm out of a bunch of stuff. I don't want to do anything.

* * *

Looks like today was "moving day" and the house across the street is now occupied. That's good. I haven't met my new neighbors yet.

When it comes time to sell the bunker that'll be less competition in the immediate neighborhood. The economy still sucks, though, and the housing market along with it.

* * *

Maybe I'll just hit McDonald's for a bacon mofo and call it good. I don't want anything in particular and I simply do not feel like cooking, much less doing the shopping. WTF, I've got four bottles of "unleaded" soda left; if that can't see me through to tomorrow afternoon, nothing will.

McDonald's, or maybe I'll hit up KFC for some fried chicken. It's been a while since I had any of that. I don't f-ing know. *sigh*

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