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#2951: I feel like crapzor

The saga continues. I'm now into the phase where I am going for 4-6 hours at a time and sleeping 2 hours between spurts. This has the effect of:

1) Making me extremely irritable

2) Making me extremely tired

3) Making me extremely inefficient

I nearly fell asleep twice on the way home from my brother's house on Sunday; and I don't think it's going to get better anytime soon.

* * *

Zombie's got pictures from the Day of FAIL.

Partway down is a picture of a woman who has written "free Bradley Manning" (whoever the hell that is) on her chest.

You know that one character, Ms. Choksondicks, from South Park? This woman has boobs like hers. *vomit*

And this is the best quote, speaking of these morons' tendency to wear Fawkes masks:
How hypocritical is it to wear a plastic toy, designed and licensed by the Warner Brothers corporation, and manufactured in a polluting slave-labor Chinese factory, to advertise a mainstream Hollywood film, starring overpaid actors, the profits from which will go to corporate shareholders, and yet you think that by doing this you're somehow anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian?
Because, man! Because that guy in the movie, you know, the guy who played Agent Smith and Elrond, dude! He was all about blowing those fuckers up, you know? So it's irony, man!


* * *

We're DOOM!ed.

* * *

Maher and Moore are racists. Why are you surprised? Half the policies that liberals advance are racist, or predicated on racist principles. These two guys are just not smart enough to keep their racism to themselves, is all.

* * *

Major atlas is "wrong" about extent of ice on Greenland. "Wrong" is being generous; if they were saying there was more ice than actually exists the guys on the other side would be saying that the Times atlas is lying about the issue.

Go to the link provided in that article and you find, among other things, this quote:
A spokesperson for HarperCollins said its new map was based on information provided by the US National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC).

"While global warming has played a role in this reduction, it is also as a result of the much more accurate data and in-depth research that is now available," she said.

"Read as a whole, both the press release and the 13th edition of the Atlas make this clear." they could get "information" from experts but no one thought to compare this data to recent satellite images?

Global warming is real and happening right now! The computer models say so! REALITY IS WRONG!!!


* * *

Brian Dunbar discusses how much a single F-35, costing $111 million, can buy for other armed services...and the comments add some other information which is equally true of the thing.

Problem number one: "cost plus". The US government doesn't go to the aerospace industry saying, "We need a plane that will do X, and we think your Model Y will do it." Oh no.

Further, the aerospace industry doesn't come up with proposals for new aircraft and say, "Hey, US Government! We have this new airplane we want to sell you!" Oh, no.

What happens is, the armed forces decide that their current toys aren't cool enough, so they get together with contractors to develop something cooler by committee. The result is a hideously expensive boondoggle of an aircraft which has to do everything because there is simply not enough money in the world for the US armed forces to get fancy new airplanes that are mission-specific. Doing everything means more cost, of course.

No business can stay in business by developing hyper-expensive new products few people will want for free; so they get the government to pay their development costs, plus a modest profit. This guarantees two things; first, that the contractor has absolutely no incentive to control costs; second, that the resulting product can be a god-awful extrusion costing $200 million per copy and the US government is stuck buying them because of the investment it's made in developing them.

That's problem number two: "jack of all trades". Because the damn plane costs so much to develop and purchase, all the armed forces have to use them...and all the armed forces therefore must add their mission requirements to the design. The Air Force wants a fast airplane that can bomb targets from 34,000 feet; the Navy needs an airplane that can handle carrier operations; the Marines want something that can handle close-in support, like antitank operations.

You can make an airplane do all that. It will be hideously complex and cost a lot more than three separate airplanes would cost; but because jet aircraft are expensive anyway there's no way for the military to justify buying three different airplanes when they have to explain what they're doing to congresscritters who know absolutely nothing about the differing roles that aircraft play in combat, and don't care, who are much more concerned about bringing jobs to their districts even if it makes absolutely no fucking economic or military sense whatsoever.

...which leads to problem number three, that the whole thing is a gigantic load of horseshit, and I'm in such a crappy mood it would take too much effort to keep the entire discussion from devolving into a string of profanity. To hell with it.

* * *

"Hi, this is Scott with the Carpet Cleaners. Now, don't hang up; I'll just take a second. We're--"


You had your second, Scott. You had five of them, in fact, before I hung up. Piss off.

* * *

Gorgeous day outside, and I'm chained to the phone because I have to call people and talk to people and wait for people to call me. I can live with that, but I have to get the grass cut sometime before it starts snowing, fer crissakes....

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