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...and I'm going to do it all in one entry.

The Good Old A380!

Airbus postpones A380

UPS bails out...

UPS was the last company with an order for the A380 freighter, and they walked away from it. Airbus can't build the airplane on schedule, and even with big price cuts people have given up waiting for the thing. Apparently the freighters will not be available until 2012; originally the freighters were to be available in 2009.

The second article I linked to tries to put a brave face on the news: this way, it says, Airbus can concentrate on building the passenger version, since it now has no standing orders for the freighter version.

Airbus has made plans to cut 10,000 employees in an effort to regain the profitability it has lost due to A380 production delays and lost orders for the super-jumbo jet.

The first article says that the move took Airbus "by surprise".

It's good news for Boeing, of course, and the venerable 747 platform.

Not surprisingly, French unions plan to protest Airbus' cost-cutting moves. Way to go, idiots--make it even harder for your employer to make a profit! Go go go!

...soon Boeing will rule the world; and what will you do then?

Al Gore buys his own carbon emissions!

Gore's carbon!

It's a pretty sweet deal, too. Somehow Al Gore manages to sell his carbon emissions to a company he chairs and partly owns, and he makes money on the deal.

Remember my comments on this? Remember the last paragraph of Gore's defenders' response?

So it seems that his "carbon offsets" are themselves a dodge, a way for him to get out of looking like an utter hypocrite (at least to his supporters) while making money on the whole thing.

So he and Tipper, by themselves, get to consume twenty times the energy of an average American family of four; they get to live like kings, to travel wherever and whenever using whatever mode of transport suits their fancy, regardless of how it pollutes; and for all of this they get a pass from the people who believe in saving the environment.

And now we learn that Al Gore gets to sell himself carbon offsets at a fat profit. Where are the anti-business environmentalists? If an Exxon exec was doing something like this, they would be howling for that man to be put in jail, sodomized with a broomstick, and shot.

But since it's Al Gore, it's okay.

Abortion causes health problem

I don't normally discuss abortion issues here, but this article prompted me to comment. But I'm not going to comment about the legality of abortion or debate the merits of "a woman's right to choose"; no, I am going to talk about how it was covered by the media.

This woman went in for a "routine abortion" and ended up with "massive blood loss, two strokes, a collapsed lung, neurological damage, and the removal of her uterus". How come we never hear stories like this in the mainstream media? Could it be that such stories are typical and not newsworthy? Or is there something wrong with the story which makes mainstream reporters ignore it?

After all, it has all the elements of a good news story: an unusually dire and unexpected tragedy resulting from a routine medical procedure. If the woman had gone in for an appendectomy and had such an outcome, she'd be on the news every night and there would be people demanding that the doctor be sued by everyone he ever operated on.

Sometime in the past year a dentist performed a routine procedure on a little girl; he gave her anasthetic to knock her out while he did it. She died. That dentist was pilloried in the news for weeks.

This poor woman goes for an abortion, ends up losing her uterus, and is still in intensive care...and where are the stories on the evening news?

I love Ann Coulter!!!
"I was going to have a few comments on the other Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, but it turns out you have to go into rehab if you use the word "faggot," so I — so kind of an impasse, can't really talk about Edwards."

I love Ann Coulter!

So: Howard Dean--Howard Dean!--says this kind of rhetoric is "out of bounds". Know what I have to say to that?

Do a Google search on the word "bushism".

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