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#2953: That's better

And what a strange feeling it is, to be riding my motorcycle in the dark and not be freezing my ass off. Incredible!

Every time I accelerated away from a stop--every time--I expected the wind chill to set in and braced myself for it...and then was surprised when the wind blowing past me didn't suck all the heat right out of me.

I came > < that close to paying a surprise visit to Sailor V, but then I decided I wasn't ready to ride 55 MPH all the way from Route 1 to Route 50. I can find another way there (that doesn't require that extreme) but I'd prefer to do that in daylight anyway; so he got a reprieve.

Anyway it's not as good as an hour at the range, making holes in paper; but I no longer feel like I could chew thorium and spit mushroom clouds, so it'll do.

I'm gonna have to adjust the clutch in that thing, though. When it's cold, it's fine, but after it's heated up a bit the thing is a pain. I noticed that my shifts were perfect when I was first starting out, but after 40 minutes of riding my shifts were getting worse. When I got home, I noticed that the "pressure point" was too close to full release of the lever.

When I have time for it, I'll do that at the same time I change the oil. But that ain't gonna be soon because of the funeral service stuff I'm dealing with, and I have to neaten up the house, and I have to do a bunch of other things.

I'm still leaning away from making the trek to New Hampshire...assuming that I actually have a choice in the matter. I'm not sure I do.

* * *

The Jeep, of course, smells like an orc hooker's thong inside thanks to all the damn rain we've gotten in the past week. Sunday, of course, I got the "tabletop fountain" sound effect from the HVAC system again. I really need to find out what's plugged up and unplug it before winter sets in. Just as soon as I deal with the 50,000,000 other things that are on my plate....

* * *

The grass was one step from requiring a sickle, too. Again, when it rains and rains and rains....

* * *

Walt's has a very nice cheddar with roasted garlic that makes grilled ham-and-cheese a wonderful explosion of flavor. Then again you can get the same effect with the buffalo cheese.

Bonus points to the girl that served me at the deli counter, for taking the slices of cheese and separating them with butcher's paper. This way the cheese doesn't schmooze back together like the T-1000 after being frozen with liquid nitrogen and then shot to pieces; you can actually get one slice out of the package without having to re-slice it.

* * *

So I've been getting robocalls about having won a prize in a contest which has a Lincoln Navigator as a grand prize. I looked up a few key phrases on Google and it turns out this is either an 800 scam or someone trying to sell something; and either way I am completely uninterested.

Mind you--one of the prizes mentioned on-line is a $2,500 Amex card, which would come in handy...but $5 says that even if this is a (semi-)legit advertising deal, I wouldn't get that anyway. And I'm not going to go sit through a sales pitch when I'm totally uninterested in the product offered and can't afford it anyway; not even with the promise that I might walk out of there with free stuff.

Scam or not, I'm not going to waste my time, and I flat-out refuse to run the risk that the 800 number you call forwards your call to some offshore number which charges $24,000 per minute. Since the chances of this being the latter are nonzero, I am not calling them back.

* * *

It's very easy to knock back a bottle of diet Pepsi, I find.

* * *

Last night I churned through the anime download list and got caught up, mostly.

I'm just going to wait until someone posts batch torrents of the summer series I was going to grab, because they're all on eps 10-11 right now. I've been so busy with everything else I've watched anime three times since July.

Motorcycle stuff, WoW, Bible study, friends, etc--all stuff that makes me happy--so entertainment has scarcely been necessary.

So my hard drive is filling up and the list of unwatched anime gets longer and longer, and still I'm not watching very much of it.

I've been thinking about writing up a weekly schedule for myself to follow. Dishes this day, clean bathroom that day, vaccum the other...and include "anime night" along with "Bible study night" and such. That way I might actually get things done.

...but it's not the way to bet.

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