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#2956: Stupid people are so smart!

You see, if you have trouble getting people to return your calls and e-mails, it's because you're giving them accurate, concise, and complete information.

If you communicate poorly, however, it makes people panic and send you multiple e-mails and call you back immediately.

A few days ago I had to send an e-mail about setting a time and date for the memorial service, and having a luncheon, twice before I got any reply at all. It's usually like this; it's been the pattern since Mom died: whenever I needed something done, or some information sent to me, I had to badger people for it.

Last night I wrote my brother an e-mail intending to tell him I'd like to set up the chat with the pastor for Friday afternoon; but the way I sent it--because I was sleepy and not thinking straight--implied that I'd set up the memorial service for tomorrow afternoon.

That garnered three e-mails and a phone call all before 9 AM this morning.

* * *

Dow was off some 300 points by 9:34 this morning. Okay, that's 300 points in four minutes, and as I write this it's off by 425. It's down 700 points since open on Tuesday.

Obamanomics! Hope and Change!

OBAMA 2012: Good for a laugh, bad for the country.

* * *

If you or I turned out to have a moon rock, we'd go to jail for it. Clinton has one that belongs to the state of Arkansas, and all he'll have to do is return it.


* * *

Yes, tolls paid to use toll roads are a highly regressive tax.

By the way: here in the Peoples' Democratic Republic of Illinoistan, they're fixing to double the tolls charged on Illinois toll roads. Let me tell you something interesting I noticed the other day on the way to my brother's house.

You see, back when Blagojevich was in charge, the Illinois tollways were converted to "open road tolling", the IPass system. If you have an IPass tranceiver, you don't even have to slow down; you just drive right under an archway festooned with antennas at road speed, and your transceiver does the hard part.

Until Blago hit the fuego, the signs on the archways said "Open Road Tolling" and mentioned "Governor Rod Blagojevich". After he was kicked out and Pat Quinn became our governor, the signs were changed to read "Governor Pat Quinn".

The signs now do not mention who is governor. And tolls are going to double.


* * *

...also, what a great paean to unionized government workers that is: putting up signs, changing signs, taking signs down, "Look at how much signage-related work we've got! We're going to have to hire 10,000 more sign-changers to deal with the backlog!" *sigh*

* * *

Corruption in the Obama administration. VDH FTW.

* * *

The first three items on my "to do" list for today have been accomplished. The nice thing is, I no longer need to make any phone calls regarding the memorial service. I may need to talk to my pastor one more time, and there's an appointment set for me, my brother, and nephew, to talk to him about my sister; but otherwise that's all handled.

About 3 PM I'm going to set out on the motorcycle to run some errands, and then I've got therapy at 3:30. The errands and therapy will be the rest of my list for the day.

I might even get some cleaning done...after I take a freakin' nap.

I went to bed at 5 AM and managed to get to sleep sometime after 7...and was awakened at 8:15 by my brother's phone call. *sigh* After that I think I might have managed an extra hour or two, but I wouldn't bet on it. It sure wasn't much sleep.

Point is, by the time I'm done with therapy I expect to be "well done". I'll probably come right home and go face-down in bed without removing my helmet....

* * *

All that being the case, I may actually be able to go to the Valpo gun show this weekend, depending on what time my sister and niece get in from Maine, and depending on my own energy levels. *sigh* It'd be nice to do something social this week.

Fun-social, I mean, not obligation-social, such as the impending obsequities for my late sister.

Assuming I can get to sleep, that is. Church is at 9 AM Sunday and I want to attend that, so I'll be going to bed around midnight and taking a whole Xanax.

* * *

I finally got around to cleaning out my inbox. I didn't bother to count how many messages there were, but I had to scroll a lot to get to the top of the list. Now it's back down to a handful of messages.

I live such a stimulating life.

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