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#2958: Links for the early morning

I'm not quite tired enough to hit the sack yet, but don't feel like WoW any more; and it's too late for anime. So here we go:

* * *

Two from Advice Goddess:

Using this model, municipalities can arrest everyone and fine them. much for "due process". You know? It used to be that if you were found not guilty of a crime, you owed the state nothing. But Massachusetts has decided that it doesn't matter if you're guilty or not. You were cited; pay up, sucka! Sure, you don't pay a fine, but you still pay court costs and fees and-and-and...none of which you would have to pay if you hadn't been cited. And you (generally) don't get cited unless a police officer believes you committed a moving violation.

But now it doesn't matter, because he can write you a ticket for goddamned anything and you end up having to pay court costs and filing fees and fee fees and the horse you rode in on.

But we were born free.


Advice Goddess is an atheist but she's one of the good ones. She recognizes the concept of free exercise of religion and thinks it's outrageous that private citizens are forced to pay $300 for the privilege of having a private meeting about the Bible in their home.

Yeah, if you have a "regluar meeting" of 3 or more people in the Orange County SSR, you have to have a permit, else you risk a fine.

So, for example, the group of friends I met with every other week in Cedar Rapids? Under that kind of law the DM would have to have a permit.

It's not just an infringement on "free exercise of religion"; it's also an infringement on "freedom of association" and "freedom of assembly". It's a spear through the heart of the First Amendment.

But we were born free.

* * *

That book about Sarah Palin is nothing but a pile of bullshit. It's written by the creepy stalker guy who moved in next door to them in Wasilla, the guy that prompted them to install the tall privacy fence.

"’s my problem: no one has ever offered documentation of any of the lurid stories about the Palins." That's because those lurid stories are complete fabrications.

* * *

The big war, she's a-comin'. US vs Pakistan, plus Israel vs. Turkey and Iran, plus--God knows. It's going to stuck, however it goes.

* * *

Vox Day: "Perry sinks himself".

Other than the comma splice, he gets it 100% right in this sentence, right down to his emphasis: "Texans don't need to be educating Mexican children, they need to be sending them back to Mexico."

The hispanics aren't going to vote Republican even if they do hispander. What the GOP needs to do is to stand up and remind the people of the US that there aren't enough jobs for us to be employing illegals, that illegal immigration must be stopped, and that enforcement of the immigration laws will be applied equally to all nationalities, races, sexes, colors, creeds, sexual orientations, and biochemistries. I don't care if you're a mexican transgendered pastafarian from the silicon slums of Beta Cormongoria XIX; if you're here illegally, you get your silicon-based bitch ass back into your flying saucer and go back to your planet, instead of coming here and then pissing and moaning and suing because McDonald's won't hire you because they don't have a uniform that doesn't vaporize on contact with your 800° body heat. Fuck you with a blast furnace.

* * *

Okay, that rant took a bit of a weird turn, but you get the idea.

* * *

Forecast: five days of rain, and I still haven't had time to find the clog/leak/whatev in the Jeep that's letting water into the HVAC system. So it still smells like an orc hooker's dirty underwear, and it's not going to get better anytime soon. *sigh*

* * *

I have to wonder how hard it would be for me to make a case for the broken MP3 player's internals, something steampunk-ish. That would be cool. Of course I'd want to find/make a set of headphones that looked appropriate, too, rather than use a pair of slick 21st century earbuds.

Something big and slightly unwieldy, with big buttons that made an audible CLICK-CLACK when pressed, and with fancy-looking flourishes and embellishments. (And bigger batteries inside so I could run the thing for a YEAR without changing them. Maybe three or four AAA batts in parallel with a resistor to keep the current down. I don't know.)

Like this, but without the display:

Man, if you do a Google image search on "steampunk MP3 player" there are all kinds of good ideas out there.

I wonder what one of these would cost. Sadly it doesn't exist yet as a real product.

* * *

Well, it's 4:30 and I need to hit the hay...again. Off I go.

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