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#2960: It's freakin' Saturday already

I had to get up early this morning in order to meet with the pastor about the memorial service. Now that that's done--and seeing that it's still sunny out--I'm thinking about taking the bike for a ride.

"Early"--listen to me. The alarm went off at 9:20. *sigh* And I made it to the church a bit before 10 AM.

Still, that's a task well accomplished; and now I'm sitting here eating leftover General Tao's Chicken and trying to decide what I'm going to do about dinner.

* * *

Last night I cleaned the bathroom, and finished the vacuuming; all that's left now is to wipe down the counters in the kitchen. I'll wait to do that until after dinner this evening, when I put the dirty dishes into the dishwasher. The house is not spotless, but it's reasonably neat. Too damn bad if it's not good enough.

* * *

So tomorrow about this time I expect to start a pot of goulash. That'll be good for dinner tomorrow night, and all I'll need is to go get a loaf of ginzo bread (Marconi's italian, for those who don't know Fungus-speak). I will not be eating much of the leftovers, I'd wager, unless my sister and niece turn their noses up at which case I may have to eject them from the bunker. "You guys can only come back when you learn what good food is!"

Okay, not really. The less they eat, the more for me. Heh.

* * *

So I've still been running Erogami around, and I put a bunch of stuff up for auction that ended up netting me near 200 GP. Mostly it was ores--mithril and gold--but a couple of other things sold too. It was pretty nice to go from around 420 to 627-ish. (And now she's got 667 after last night's instance runs and questing.)

I've found that you can spend an hour in Thousand Needles farming mithril and come away with quite a haul...and there are very few hostile monsters on the sea floor there, so it's really just a matter of walking around and mining. After you've run a couple of quests at the Speedbarge you have a diving suit that magically appears whenever you enter the water in Thousand Needles, and you walk on the sea floor at a pretty good clip.

So I farmed mithril, and then put it up on AH, and made a killing.

Since Erogami is now 55th level it won't be long before she gets her flying mount; this money will come in handy.

* * *

Of late I've been thinking about another SF story. It's a "parasite invaders from space" story but it's nothing like Heinlein's Puppet Masters. This one would be a standalone story, and the more I think about it the more I start thinking I should take some notes.

The basic story revolves around one guy who almost gets infested. See, the parasites evolved for a different species, so the avenue they use to infest a human host is not present. In females it's an easy matter just to crawl up the vagina, but there's no similar passage in a male human (there is in the race they evolved to prey on) so they have to be surgically implanted.

...but our hero is rescued, and subsequently learns that there's been a shadow war taking place for decades:
"When did they get here?"


"Don't tell me--Roswell?"


The story then moves into his time as a soldier in this shadow war; and the third part is about humans taking the fight to the parasites' homeworld. But things turn out to be a bit different than they expected.

There'll be some cool images in this story; thinking about it I can see some neat scenes and I'd wager the story itself will be a fun read. Then again, I'm talking about my favorite author, here.

* * *

"The inside of my Jeep smells like an orc hooker's thong."

"How do you know what an orc hooker's thong smells like?"

"I've been a role-player for thirty years. I have a very finely-tuned imagination."

* * *

This is already the last weekend of September. Where did the month go?

* * *

Since it's such a nice day outside, and since it's predicted to rain later today and for the next 4 days at least, I think I'll take my motorcycle for a spin.

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