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#2963: Sister and niece made it here.

Yesterday I built a makeshift, temporary chicken coop to house the two chickens that my niece and sister were able to catch in Maine. It cost me $30 to buy the materials (four sticks and 25' of chicken wire. Really) and about 20 minutes to construct, of which about 5 mins were consumed with a) collecting the tools; b) trying to find one of the two staple guns I own, to no avail; c) unwrapping the half-mile of bailing wire around the roll of chicken wire.

The dog is really, really unhappy. Also, my late sister, while drinking herself to death, neglected the dog; she's mostly skin and bones and I have never seen a healthy dog that was this skinny. Shit.

* * *


What else can I say?

* * *

Teenager punished by his school for having the wrong opinion.

* * *

Last night I played some WoW, then read a bunch of manga, then played a little more WoW, then read a bunch more manga.

Titles: What a Wonderful World, Choir, You're my Girlfriend, Baka and Boing, and I feel like I'm forgetting one or two others.

In order:

What a Wonderful World is slice-of-life about a certain cast of characters, but it's drama and kind of depressing. It's good, though.

Choir is a (mostly) 4-panel comic about a group of yuri girls. Bonus points for one scene where one girl asks another, "Once we're both a little older, maybe we could do something...sexual?" and the second girl calls the police on her cell phone to report a sexual predator. Heh.

You're my Girlfriend is four chapters long, and as I read it I kept thinking I'd read it before; it turned out that I had but it wasn't until I got most of the way through the third chapter that I realized it.

Baka and Boing is about a guy who lives for a certain gravure idol...and ends up having his fate tied to hers. They'll both die in six months unless they can send all the ghosts in the world to heaven. Neat story, good fan service.

I had a look at the first chapter of He Is My Master but having seen the anime I didn't need to read the manga. I might revisit it later on, but I wasn't all that enthralled with the story.

* * *

As for WoW, Erogami hit 58th level and I immediately went to Hellfire Peninsula, in Outland. Once I'd set her hearthstone to the Horde outpost there, I hopped a wind rider for Shattrath.

...I hadn't gone to a class trainer since lvl 52, so I had 3 skills to learn. Cleaned out inventory and put up some auctions; Sailor V had given me some advice on which recipes to buy in Silithus, and how much to post them for, and following that advice ended up netting me over 200 GP; so I posted more of the same thing. In two levels I'll need that gold for flying, flight mastery, and a mount.

Erogami is the first Horde toon that I actually started at lvl 1 that made it this far. Of course I have my blood elf death knight, Slaughther, but DKs start at 55.

Oh well.

* * *

More unrelenting nerdery:

My niece is planning to be Erza at the next convention she attends. I told her, "Send me pictures, or heads will roll." And I am obligated to run another adventure in the D&D campaign that's stretched out across the last, oh, five years.

She's thinking of coming out here for Christmas--since her brother's going to be living out here and he's her only surviving immediate family--which would give me a chance to run another adventure in about 3 months. That's better than the average, so far.

So we had a little bit of a talk about anime this morning, and there'll be more discussion later. Also manga, D&D, and whatever else comes up.

Right now I need to go back to sleep, because I don't think I got to sleep before about 7-ish.

...I was laying down in bed, waiting for the flywheels to spin down, when they arrived this morning about 5-ish. I'd gone to bed perhaps 45 minutes earlier. So if I got as much as 4 hours it would be nothing short of miraculous.

This being the case, I'm hittin' the hay again.

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