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#297: pdb and I see eye-to-eye on Ann Coulter!

pdb proves that I am not the only conservative who can successfully assemble a pair of 2's.

His post led me here and I was pleased with this quote:

Personally, I thought it was pretty damn funny, as Ann usually is. Oh, I could feign outrage like the rest of the respectable blogosphere, but why bother? I mean, she’s right, really. The jab wasn’t that Edwards is a homosexual, but that he’s a preening, feminized, liberal girly-man who probably spends more time in front of the mirror than most coked-out anorexic fashion models. It’s called nuance. I learned that word from Edwards’ former running-away-mate.

Trying to help out pdb with a pic, I find that the liberal side of the Internet hates hates HATES Ann Coulter.

That makes me happy.

As per pdb's request, I grabbed a pic from here and edited it a bit:

As for the lefties, just do a Google image search on "ann coulter" and see what turns up. The web is full of photoshopped images of her doing disgusting things, or altered to look disgusting--or otherwise changed. There are pictures of the "ann coulter inflate-a-date".

One picture photoshopped Coulter's head onto a nude woman, legs spread, genitals on display, with the caption, "dry as a bone". Is that the level best that these people can do? Is it because they can't debate her assertions they must stoop to crass insults?

Oh wait--I forgot. That's what they do.

The funny thing about it all is that Ann merely does what liberals do; she uses emotionally-charged words and phrases to make her points.

Here is the best debate they can muster.

And they can't even spell "Hitler" correctly.

The person who reviews the book calles Ann a "right wing hatemonger and purveyor of hate"--isn't that redundant?--and then goes on to say the following about Ann:

  • Ann "Nazi Bitch" Coulter, has upchucked another one of her hateful hatemongering tomes of hate
  • Coulter’s ignorant assertion that liberals are “godless” is beyond the pale, sagging, cottage cheese-filled angora socks she calls her breasts. In her sheer stupidity,...
  • Even Ann, with her adam’s apple the size of a bowling ball, can’t deny the truth: If Christ really did exist (rather than being something the Pope made up to ruin everyone’s good time)
  • I wish she’d get hit by a bus and dragged for 30 miles over broken glass and rusty razor blades until her entire body breaks out in festering, pus-filled sores.
  • Coulter’s presumption that liberalism is a religion in and of itself doesn’t hold water, any more than she can hold her hairy legs together for five minutes.
  • And that’s exactly why bible-thumpers like Ann are so afraid of us. (!)
  • I hope Coulter overdoses on whatever diet pills she’s been popping and chokes to death on her own vomit, and it takes them THREE MONTHS to find her ROTTING, BLOATED CORPSE at the bottom of a ditch in Pittsburgh, and they can’t even identify her STINKING REMAINS from her dental records BECAUSE CARNIVOROUS MONKEYS CARRIED OFF ALL HER SPARKLY WHITE TEETH.
  • i...hate...her...stinking...blonde...guts!!!!!!!!
  • In conclusion, Coulter’s latest book is little more than the standard litany of her usual lies. Nothing but lies, lies, lies, from the stomach turning cover to the 78 pages of footnotes at the end. It’s hardly worth even bothering to read it. I know I certainly won’t.

And in the end it's revealed that the "reviewer" denounces it as nothing but hate-filled lies, without even reading the book. Or checking the references, or anything.

Hmm, who has more hatred, I wonder?

Keep it up, Ann! PLEASE!!!!

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