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#2966: Rain, rain, RAIN!


I get a motorcycle, and it rains. Typical.

...of course if I had been up and around yesterday I could have ridden it all day, but due to how things shook out I didn't get any sleep until the sun was up. As usual.

The dog is doing much better today. She's eating and walking around the house; probably she was just exhausted from all the traveling and nonsense. Now she's here, and will stay here a while, and can recuperate.

She's suffering from some gut malf, though, and I'm not sure how much is because of change in diet and how much is due to emotional distress. Dogs are usually such garbage guts they can eat whatever they find (scavengers, after all) and not get upset stomachs; but this dog has been neglected, and then shuffled around entirely too much. Probably in a week or two I'll take her to the vet and see about getting her vaccinated and wormed, because God alone knows when the last time this poor animal had that done. (I'm worried that the gut malf may be due to worms; I have no freakin' clue how that stuff works but it's worth the $$ to make sure it's not a problem.)

But I'm not doing it this week; the last thing I'm going to do to this dog is stuff her in another vehicle and take her on another trip so soon after all the rest of what's happened to her. Jesus. Let her rest up, recuperate a bit, and get her bearings first.

* * *

ABC and NBC are carefully not talking about Solyndra again. Well, it makes their boy Obama look bad, right?

* * *


Oooo, ominous!

...Christians make a lot out of "the Number of the Beast" because it's pretty much the one way to ensure you're kickbanned from salvation, at least if the book of Revelations is any guide. The book mentions a number "on the left hand or the forehead", and I found that kind of confusing until I realized that John didn't know about fingerprints, retina patterns, or iris patterns.

But some kind of bio-mechanical interface is probably just as valid a way to interpret the prophesy; and in fact if the "number of the beast" is in fact some kind of weird connection to Singluarity, then it means that the Book of Revelations warns about the dangers of human-cybernetic interfacing....

Man, I think I just came up with cyberpunk novel plot #31.

* * *

I'm guessing these anti-gun activists have never looked at what a bullet looks like after it strikes a solid target.

Even when you fire a bullet into a relatively soft target like water, it seriously deforms the bullet. (Depending on type, composition, velocity, etc.) When a bullet strikes meat and bone, sometimes it comes apart, sometimes it just loses all semblance of a manufactured object.

How big do they want these "bar codes" to be? Will this law apply to shot, too? Will each pellet of birdshot be expected to have a bar code on it?

"Anything we can do to deter the acts of violence in cities, we should all embrace that," one solon of gun control is quoted as saying.

How about the proven method of making gun ownership easier? Because every time you ease restrictions on legal gun ownership--EVERY TIME--violence drops.

...because these people aren't interested in ending violence. What they're interested in doing is keeping anyone from owning guns.

* * *

Speaking of which, the federal government armed Mexican drug gangs.

* * *


* * *

A different kind of DOOM!: 20,000 man-portable surface-to-air missiles "missing" from Libya.

"They could turn all of North Africa into a no-fly zone." Yeah. know, the eastern seaboard of the United States. Military aircraft have countermeasures, and military pilots are trained, to avoid such weaponry. A 767 loaded with holiday travelers (even it it's been retrofitted with flares) is considerably less nimble than, say, an F-22; and the very fact that it's so vulnerable is what makes it a particularly juicy target for terrorists.

One or two airplanes brought down by terrorists with shoulder-fired SAMs would end air travel in this country.

* * *

Obama's going to visit Denver, Wyoming this week! How nice that he's going to stop in a small There's no Denver in Wyoming?

Why, I just assumed there was. I mean how could anyone who's college educated and earning the kind of money White House staff earn make such an elementary mistake of geography?

Perhaps some person figured, "Well, it's one of those square states out there in flyover country that no one who matters really cares about, so I'll just pick one that looks right instead of checking a fucking map or something."

* * *

Last night Erogami hit 60th and got her flying mount, so I flapped around a bit before logging out. After flying very high over Darnassus to get the "explore teldrassil" achievement, I flew out over the water, level with the city, and then dismounted.

It took 17 seconds to fall to the water's surface.

Assuming Azeroth has 1g surface gravity, it means Teldrassil is about 4,600 feet above sea level. Not quite the "mile-high city" but close.

There's no deep water around Dalaran so I'm going to have to figure out how to find its altitude without dying. Hmm.

* * *

We've planned on pizza tonight, and then D&D afterwards, I think. That'll work.

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