atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2969: WT...F? I get up about 12:30, after getting around 6 hours of sleep; and I look around the house to try to find the dog.

No dog.

Not only is there no dog; there's no dog bowl, no dog bed, no dog food, no dog medicine (glucosamine-chondrioitin) and no dog treats.

I ask the niece: "Did Uncle Carl and Aunt Kat leave for Louisiana?"


"They took Chance with them?"

She gives me a look, then get up and checks all the places I checked for evidence of dog residence, her face radiating confusion.

We compare notes and conclude that they did indeed take the dog. Without saying anything to anyone about it.

Nephew: "They said they were taking her to the vet!"


I can't wait to hear the rationalization for this one. And this is supposed to be the SANE sister.

* * *

It's illegal for firearms dealers to sell guns to marijuana smokers...

...but it's not illegal for the BATFE to sell guns to Mexican drug cartels. I guess?

Judging by the BATFE's behavior in the entire "Fast and Furious" imbroglio I assume they think they're adhering to the law. It's becoming increasingly difficult for me to continue to believe that, though, as more details come to light.

If Obama runs for President again, and is actually elected, the press will do its damnedest to keep this story buried...but this is rapidly turning out to be a "Watergate"-level scandal and everyone knows it.

* * *


* * *

Iran is mass-producing cruise missiles.

"'The Iranian Navy will have a powerful presence near the United States borders,'" [Rear Admiral Habibollah] Sayari repiortedly stated." SIC, because I know how to spell "reportedly" and I just cut-and-pasted the entire quote.

Why does Iran need "a powerful presence" near the United States' "borders"? A missile with a 200-km range--cruise missiles are essentially robot aircraft, with jet engines rather than rockets; the V1 "buzz bomb" was the first used in combat. This would limit the maximum altitude the thing could attain, to something like six to ten miles or so. (Typical cruise altitude for jet aircraft is 35,000, which is seven miles.)

You're not in EMP territory until you get above most of the atmosphere...but depending on the payload capacity of these cruise missiles, maybe you wouldn't need to. A handful of cruise missiles launched from, say, fifty miles out, with nuclear warheads, would make a mess out of the east coast. Just hit New York City, Boston, Washington, D.C., and maybe the naval shipyard at Newport News for good measure. It requires more (and more advanced) warheads than the EMP idea, but it would really cripple the country.

Oh, but wait. Obama himself said Iran's not a threat to the US, because it's such a small country. Right.

* * *

Fermilab's shutting down the Tevatron but they've got some ideas on how to use the existing tunnels for a new instrument.

* * *

Republicans are the villains at Gibson Guitars!

Two raids, no charges filed, property confiscated and not returned.

But we were born free.

* * *

What a surprise: "High school science" experiment faked for Al Gore's "24 hours of stupidity".

...because reality just refuses to behave, these guys have to make shit up.

* * *

I'm still really tired. I have four hours of driving ahead of me, as I've got to haul the niece and nephew up to my brother's house, and then drive home from there. That won't be so bad, though it would be better if A) I weren't about to do it at rush hour, since we're going right after my therapy appointment is over, and B) it weren't STILL FUCKING RAINING!

It has been a cool and wet September, exactly the same way we had a cool and wet spring....except that in the spring I didn't have a rideable motorcycle and license. Shit.

Seems like every time I have to drive up to my brother's place, it's FUCKING RAINING and that gets old REALLY, REALLY FAST!!!


Maybe this time, though, I'll stop at Fry's Electronics to have a look around. Heh.

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