atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2971: Friday, finally.

Clear weather is predicted for the next several days. I hope so; the grass needs cutting and I can't do it yet because the back yard is a swamp.

* * *

I had better be CAREFUL to ensure the f-ing EPA doesn't get on my case about that back yard.

When the EPA does this kind of shit, it ought to be forced to adhere to the rules of Eminent Domain. Shit, at least Kelo got paid for her property.
Righto! The EPA can drop a compliance order on anyone it wants, whenever it pleases; wait as long as it wants, accruing fines at the rate of over thirty thousand dollars a day; and then bring its victims into court to play some really high-stakes poker. Or you could just walk away from your piddly little $23,000 plot of land without a fight, pony up $27,000 to make it look nice for the EPA, and build your dream house someplace else. That’s “due process,” just like the Founding Fathers intended!
But we were born free.

* * *

TJIC has some company.

* * *

LJ recently changed the font in their text editor. Now it's Arial, and smaller, and I hate it.

* * *

WORM and I share the same view of Harlan Ellison, I have learned from his post about the following story: big SF con organizer is a pedo.

What is said in this article is true of every community of people, everywhere on the damn planet.

* * *

Today is "recuperation day".

...when I went to therapy yesterday, the therapist observed that I looked really tired.

When I left my brother's house last night, after dropping off the niece and nephew there, I said ,"I'm tired," and my sister-in-law replied incredulously, "You're tired!"

...too tired to think quickly, I later realized I should have said, "Yes. You may be tired, but you're at home. I, on the other hand, have a two-hour drive before I can go to bed."

Annoyed me considerably--but sometimes I realize that it's probably just as well that I'm not very fast on my feet. It keeps people from hating me a lot.

Anyway, everyone's gone home and I have the house to myself, with just me and my two cats; it's quiet and there is nothing that needs to be done.

I'm going back to bed.

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