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#2973: Bleah.

I managed 3 eps of Sketchbook before running out of steam. Then I fell asleep for four hours, woke up hungry at 12:30; and I ended up making some ravioli and garlic bread, and felt much better after eating.

I think I've got sinusitis again. *sigh*

* * *

A great line I stole from a guy on the Fiero forum:

"Don't just run away...strap a particle accelerator to your back and GTFO faster than the speed of light. "

* * *

For $250 this would be a good NAS box. It's a full-fledged computer, but thinking about it I realize that I don't need to spend $500 on buying the box when I can build something for less than that and get FreeNAS to run the thing.

All I need is a box that can hold 4-odd hard drives (six wouold be better), an inexpensive motherboard--one with RAID hardware would be perfect--and a few ancilliary parts. Once FreeNAS is running on the thing and it's got an IP, I can do the configuration remotely.

I took a brief gander at NAS boxes at Fry's yesterday (Thursday, that is) but didn't really have the time to browse and think. Steven uses this one and seems pleased with it, though.

Here's where he says he bought it.

It's all part of the dream.

...but if I were to spend some more money on the project I could then build a thin client with a micro ATX mobo that would be solely for doing torrents. I wonder if my nephew still has the laptop I gave him last year? That machine would be perfect for that. I'll have to ask him; maybe his sister can take a run up to the house, dig it out, and ship it to me.

I could use the P3, but it's kind of a power hog, and since I want the machine on all the time....

* * *

Today is Saturday, and the rain is supposed to be over for a while. Maybe it'll dry out enough that I can FINALLY! cut the damned grass.

Sunday some folks are coming by to have a gander at the Escort. I've put Sailor V on notice that he's running out of time if he wants the car, and I've warned him that if they actually wave money under my nose I might not be able to say, "Wait a week..."

On the other hand, Sailor V has had four years to buy this car. I offered it to him in 2007 for $400 with the spare engine and wheels and he hemmed and hawed about it. I got the engine into the thing in 2009 and was driving it in 2010, and about Jan or Feb of this year I talked to him again about his buying it, and there was more hemming and hawing and "I have to get it past Mom" and-and-and; and now I'm down to the wire and have very little time left to wait.

I hate to be a dick about it, but with Code Enforcement giving me a scant two weeks to get it fixed or out of the driveway and with more than one interested party in the mix, I figure it's time to move--and I'd rather move in the direction of selling the car than insuring and plating it myself. One way brings money in; the other means spending it, thus taking in less money down the road when I do finally sell it.

Life is full of compromises. What else can I say?

* * *

There was an ad running on the in-store monitors at Fry's for this toy. If I could have found one to buy, before I had already paid for my purchases, I would have bought one.

Guys? Try having some of these in the toy section, you know?

* * *

I didn't know there was Suzuka anime; I searched the Intartubszors for torrents in vain until I found a batch on TokyoToshokan. Problem is, it's largely a dead torrent. *sigh*


* * *

Well, I think I'm going to lay back down and try to get a bit more sleep. It'd be nice to ride the bike today, and get its oil changed, and track down the oil leak it's developed.

I'm also contemplating a run out to Harbor Freight for a set of metric allen wrenches. I don't have a real set of allen wrenches and most of the bolts on the bike are allen-head. If my oil leak is due to some fasteners needing to be tightened--well, you do the math.

I also need to hit up the hardware store and see if they have any washers that could work as fuel tank petcock bolt gaskets. Fiber would be best, but I'd take something else that was still fuel-resistant. Nylon would do handily.

And shopping--I've got to get furnace filters and Pepsi and cat food and a bunch of other stuff. Chicken breasts are on sale so I'm going to buy some and put 'em in the freezer downstairs. I may also pick up another pack of bacon and stuff it down there (got two in there already) and the TV dinners snacks I like are on sale for $1 apiece.

* * *

The hen laid two eggs while the chickens were here, and they're in a cup in the refrigerator. I'll probably try cooking them this week. No promises on whether or not I'll eat them, but they were refrigerated as soon as they were found, and since they went to the fridge nearly directly from the chicken they ought to be good.

Definitely not "over easy", though.

* * *

It's been a pretty exhausting pair of weeks, but now we can all settle down and return to routine. Finally.

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